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The Bright Side of Sandra Bullock!

Vol. 16 Issue 4

This is Her Moment

Box office success is nothing new to the 45-year-old actress, who has logged plenty of hits dating back to “While You Were Sleeping,” the “Speed” series, two “Miss Congeniality” movies, and this year’s winning reverse May-October romantic comedy “The Proposal.”

Montecito Miscellany

Oprah’s Biography

Kitty Kelley’s 544-page Oprah bio due in April; Jane Seymour and her art at Maiani Gallery; updates on Billy Baldwin and Rob Lowe; MAW's Marilyn Horne keeping busy in the off-season; Nina Terzian boards up home after weekend bash

After three long years and 850 interviews, internationally acclaimed author Kitty Kelley is ready to publish her unauthorized tome on Montecito’s most famous resident, TV talk show empress Oprah Winfrey. ...

Letters to the Editor

“No-Spin” Style

I have to admire Andy Granatelli's "no-spin" debating style: State your opinion as irrefutable fact (Obama is a "socialist," "FOX is the only TV that tells the truth") and then move on to the obvious conclusion that 85% of Americans aren't bright enough to see that (“He Told Us So,”...