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Silver Wedding Bells

Vol. 15 Issue 7

Mayor, Medals & Wedding Bells

Congratulations are in order for Chris Tamas, athletic son of Montecito’s first and only elected mayor George Tamas (explanation later) and his wife, Mardee. Chris is engaged to marry U.S. Olympic (Beijing ’08) silver medalist Jennifer Joines in August.

Montecito Miscellany

Wedding Crashers

A bridal couple at the Biltmore got more than they bargained for after their nuptials at the tony hostelry overlooking Butterfly Beach. ...

Book Talk

The Hammett-Chandler Syndrome

When Dashiell Hammett’s iconic mystery novel, “The Maltese Falcon,” appeared in a 5-part serial in “Black Mask Magazine,” he had little need to watch his use of the vernacular language he’d picked up from his daytime job as an investigator for the Pinkerton Detective Agency. But the fame of “The...