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Montecito Miscellany

Vol. 15 Issue 5

Inventing L.A.

As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted...

Village Beat

MFPD Considers Installing Sirens

In response to a community forum last week in which over 200 residents discussed the response and management of November’s Tea Fire, Montecito Fire Protection District is looking into installing emergency sirens in the hillsides of Montecito, according to Fire Chief Kevin Wallace. “It’s obvious from the meeting that this...

Real Estate View

Montecito Heat

Lately I’ve heard comments such as “Montecito real estate will never be this affordable again” and “We are extremely overpriced and the entire Montecito market will, in the short term, continue to adjust downward.” Despite oft-heard comments such as these, the correct observation will be worth hundreds of millions of...