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Of Speed & Angels

Vol. 15 Issue 4

Author, Editor, CEO: Walter Isaacson

Harvard and Oxford graduate and Rhodes Scholar Walter Isaacson began his career at the Sunday Times of London and then the New Orleans Times-Picayune. He joined Time in 1978 and served as a political correspondent, national editor, and finally editor of new media before becoming the magazine's 14th Managing Editor in 1996. He became Chairman and CEO of CNN in 2001, and president and CEO of the Aspen Institute in 2003. He is author of “Einstein: His Life and Universe,” “Benjamin Franklin: An American Life,” and “Kissinger: A Biography” and is co-author of “The Wise Men: Six Friends and the World They Made.”

Coming & Going

A Surreal Bounce

Nearly one year ago, MJ published an interview with Robert Eringer, upon publication of his latest book, “The Ruse,” detailing Eringer’s undercover work for FBI counterintelligence that helped bring a couple of notorious bad guys to justice. Since then, Eringer has become a Santa Barbara News-Press columnist (“The Investigator”)....


Mission Tanzania

Montecito residents James and Rose Marie Towle have spent a lot of time in Africa over the years and have become quite attached to some of the people they’ve interacted with there, particularly in Tanzania, where their church – Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox – has a mission. ...