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Call Of The Wild

Vol. 15 Issue 3

Feeling lucky?

For much of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival’s 20-plus year history, filmgoers might have wanted to employ that line out of a famous Clint Eastwood movie. Because, if truth be told, it often took more luck than surviving Russian roulette – or a possible final bullet from Dirty Harry’s gun – to pick a winning film at the frequently hit-or-miss festival.

Coming & Going

Santi Visalli’s Views

A career-capping coffee-table book of black & white photographs is about to be published that will very likely become a bestseller for Sicily-born, Santa Barbara-based photographer Santi Visalli. You’ll have to travel to Milan to participate in the release of “Visalli’s Icons,” a 170-page tome chock full of what amounts...

Village Beat

1298 CVR Latest

On Monday, January 26, the proposed mixed-use development project on the corner of Coast Village and Olive Mill Roads, where the Union 76 gas station currently operates, will be seen for a third time by Santa Barbara City’s Architectural Board of Review. The three-story project, which will include commercial space...