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What Happens in Vegas...

Vol. 15 Issue 2

On The Strip

E. “Duke” Vincent’s first two novels – “Mafia Summer” and “Black Widow” featured a thinly disguised autobiographical character named Vince “Vinnie” Vesta, as a juvenile delinquent who, by the second novel has removed himself from the Italian mob’s influence and become a navy pilot (Vincent is a former navy pilot and flew with the elite Blue Angels). In “The Strip,” Duke leaves Vinnie behind, but introduces Nick Conti, a thinly disguised autobiographical protagonist. Which is fine: “write what you know,” being the author’s mantra. And Duke knows of what he writes, having been Executive Producer of television’s “Vegas” that ran on ABC from 1978 to 1981, starring Robert Urich as Dan Tanna, private eye.

Book Talk

Rudyard Kipling and The Just So Series

Sometimes it seems the more accolades an author picks up during a lifetime of notable, diversified work, the less likely that author’s reputation is left to rest on laurels. When you take the Nobel Prize as a metaphor for the bar being raised to its highest, four authors in particular...

SBIFF 2009

A Few Words with Roger Durling

You’d think with all the work that goes into getting ready for the film festival, the days leading up to SBIFF would be no laughing matter. But executive-artistic director Roger Durling always has a good chuckle this time of year. The source never varies: it’s the chasm between people claiming...