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The Business of Butchery

Vol. 15 Issue 1

Miramar Latest

As anticipated, the California Coastal Commission has received two appeals of the Board of Supervisors decision to uphold the Montecito Planning Commission’s approval of the Miramar project. Naomi Kovacs, executive director of Citizens Planning Association, has confirmed that her organization has appealed to the Commission, along with Stan and Jean Harfenist. The Coastal Commission, an independent state agency that regulates land use in the coastal zone, is the last “administrative” step in opposing the project.

The Way it Was

Early Butcher Shops

Whitefoot’s Meat Market at 336 N. Milpas has the distinction of being the last retail butcher shop serving Santa Barbara, Montecito, and Carpinteria. In the mid 1870s, however, though the population totaled only 3,000 people, at least four butcher shops along State Street served the city; Charles E. Doud’s shop...

On Food

Montecito Café to Cafe Jane

“Suddenly, we’re new in town,” says Jane Houston of Santa Barbara’s newest café, which shares her name. This is a strange feeling for the Houston family, known in Montecito for owning and operating Montecito Café for the last 25 years. Now, Jane Houston is able to similarly experience part of...

Letters to the Editor

From the Inside Out

After recently celebrating my tenth year as a columnist for Montecito Journal, I wanted to express my appreciation to all the people who have been featured in those columns. From Pilates to Feng Shui, I have written numerous articles about Montecito and its neighboring communities and have had a wonderful...