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Chairman of the Board

Vol. 14 Issue 50

The Chairman Steps Down

Michael Towbes was born in 1929, in Washington, DC; his attorney father dealt in real estate rather than law. Towbes attended public high school and went on to Princeton and MIT graduate school, earning a degree in civil engineering. Like his dad, who studied law but didn’t practice it, Michael decided early on that he “wasn’t going to spend my life designing bridges.”

Letters to the Editor

Corey’s Fire Offer

If you think it's appropriate, it would be great if Montecito Journal could announce that I am donating copies of my young adult novel, “Corey's Fire,” to any family that lost a home – or was evacuated – due to the Tea Fire. ...

Real Estate View

Montecito Heat Index

The Montecito Heat Index is a measure of demand for single-family homes today. Rather than sales, which closed escrow a month or more ago and referred to as lagging data, the Heat Index is a leading indicator and a snapshot of today’s market demand. The precise formula is pending sales...