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Montecito's Chef of the Month

Vol. 14 Issue 5

A Well-Seasoned Kitchen

Occasionally, a true chef is born. Someone with the innate ability to put together just the right ingredients to produce culinary delights. Genee Wilner is such a chef. Genee, who studied art and photography at college, had no interest in cooking. That was, of course, until Bob Dylan came into the picture. In 1977, Genee applied for a position to work for Dylan, hoping to teach his children arts and crafts. Instead, he offered her a job as their cook. She accepted the new challenge and proceeded to teach herself the art of cooking, learning a variety of cuisines and developing specialties along the way. After consulting several different cookbooks, Genee would practice the preparation until the result was an excellent meal. She soon developed an eclectic menu selection, offering everything from Vietnamese spring rolls to Indian curry chicken.

Letters to the Editor

Thank You for Your Support

Mere thanks are not enough to express the immense gratitude I have to each and every person and organization that has reached out to me during this horrible time since my daughter Talia’s death. From the very beginning of this terrible nightmare, when I received that first call informing me...

Montecito at the Movies

Montecito At The Movies

Before the deluge finally abated late Sunday afternoon, it looked as if surfing legend Shaun Tomson could have grabbed one of his old longboards and hung ten all the way from his Montecito home to the Arlington Theatre later that evening. That’s where “Bustin’ Down the Door,” Jeremy Gosch’s new...