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Green on the Green

Vol. 14 Issue 49

Letters to the Editor

Hazard Is Spot On

I just read your most recent issue (MJ # 14/47) and was touched by the guest editorial written by Bob Hazard. ...

Village Beat

Board of Supervisors Denies Miramar Appeal

In a 4-1 vote on Tuesday, December 9, Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors denied two separate appeals of the Montecito Planning Commission’s approval of Rick Caruso’s Miramar revival. Second District Supervisor Janet Wolf, the sole dissenting vote, cited her concern about noise, water, and lack of a full environmental impact...

Purely Political

Bailouts: We’ve Only Just Begun

President-elect Barack Obama recently appointed Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary and Larry Summers, a former Treasury Secretary under President Clinton to head the administration’s economic council. We can now be certain that the congressional bailouts have only just begun. ...