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Susan and Her Angels

Vol. 14 Issue 48

Anatomy of an Accident

The one phone call that every parent dreads is the one that Montecito residents Susan and Bill Tuthill received after 12:30 am on June 22 this past summer. Susan recalls waking to the sound of the ringing phone expecting it to be her 15½-year-old son Jorden telling her that he wanted to come home rather than spend the night at a friend’s. Instead, the call was from Shirley Barrett telling her that Jorden had been in a skateboarding accident and that Shirley’s son Trey Barrett and friends Ethan Terry, Nick Dealy, Benito Najera, and Garrett Davis, who had been with him at the time, had taken him to the Emergency Room at Cottage Hospital. Susan’s initial thought as she jumped out of bed to dress and head for the hospital was that he had broken an arm or leg, maybe both, but on her way to the hospital an eerie fear came over her and she recalls that her instincts told her Jorden’s injuries would be worse than just a broken limb.

Village Beat

Sycamore Canyon Gates Were Open

According to Montecito Fire Chief Kevin Wallace, the gates that block access to Sycamore Canyon Road and the APS roundabout were in fact unlocked and open during the Tea Fire, contrary to rumors to the contrary. ...


The Holiday Spirit

Now more than at any time since at least the founding of this newspaper in 1995, local merchants need your support. If you are planning on doing any shopping before Christmas, you ought to visit Montecito’s abundant variety of retailers first. Yes, prices will probably be a bit more at...