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The $500,000 Challenge

Vol. 14 Issue 41

Lee Luria’s Quarter-Million-Dollar Challenge

Leatrice (Lee) Luria says she became involved with Sansum Santa Barbara Medical Foundation Clinic many years ago. “My doctor is Kurt Ransahoff, the head of the clinic,” she says during a photo shoot her daughter Kandy Luria-Budgor and Vicki Hazard arranged. Lee explains that there had been times “when we’ve talked about things the clinic needed and Eli [her late husband] and I helped out with a few things here and there. But,” she continues, “they need the newest mammogram machines.

Letters to the Editor

Yes on Measure H

There are several issues facing the Santa Barbara High School District on the November ballot that are of importance to Montecito voters. The first is Measure H, the $23 per parcel tax proposed for the next four years in the high school district. The second is the race for the...

Guest Editorial

Time to Incorporate the Village of Montecito

Truth be told, I simply cannot come to grips with Montecito’s governance. ...