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Water Woes

Vol. 14 Issue 33

Montecito Water Rates To Rise

On Tuesday August 19, the Montecito Water District Board of Directors held a public hearing to discuss the proposed rate structure the board is considering. It was the first of two meetings to gain input from district customers regarding the rate increase and Ordinance 90, a proposed ordinance that would change the classifications some customers fall into.

Guest Editorial

The Miramar: Questions Asked; Questions Answered

In a community dispute, it helps to start with common ground. Closure requires the parties to come together without tears, tantrums, and table thumping. With respect to the Miramar, what do we agree upon and how can we reach compromise where we don’t agree? ...

Real Estate View

Montecito Heat Index

The Montecito Heat Index is a measure of today’s demand for single-family homes in five price sectors. Rather than a measurement of sales which became pending or under contract at least a month ago and therefore stale or lagging data, the Heat Index is leading data and a more accurate...

The Way it Was

Santa Barbara’s Unknown Golf Course

The first golf course in Santa Barbara was laid out in 1895 by the Santa Barbara Country Club, established on Channel Drive in 1894, becoming the second country club in California. Joel Adams Fithian, whose fortune derived from the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, built a clubhouse and tennis court, and...

Letters to the Editor

What's Up with that Ugly Fence?

What is that ugly cyclone fenced lot next to the Vons on the corner of CVR and Hot Springs? We are paying a great deal of attention to the other end of CVR but isn't it really this dump that greets most people arriving in Montecito? Seems to me that...