Archive » August 14, 2008

Down But Not Out

Vol. 14 Issue 32

Tears, Tantrums, and Table Thumping

The Montecito Association Board, at its August 12 meeting, spent most of its time discussing the recent events surrounding the Miramar project, including confronting rumors that have swirled throughout the community. As expected, the meeting was a lively one, complete with tears, tantrums and the repetitive sound of President Bill Palladini’s gavel hitting the table.

Letters to the Editor

Truth About the Miramar

My family and I live and own property near the Miramar Hotel project site. Like many other longtime Montecito residents, we were sorry to see the old Miramar close and have grown weary of seeing the blighted site. We long for construction of a new hotel, built in conformity with...

On the Water Front

Search for Water Continues

Montecito Water District (MWD) is continuing an aggressive public outreach program to promote water conservation. These “On the Water Front” articles in Montecito Journal, customer newsletters, mailers, and public meetings are some of the ways we have kept the community informed about the serious water supply problems facing this community....

Real Estate View

Montecito Sold

In the month of July, ten homes were sold; last month, nine sold; last year, sixteen sold for the month of July. These lucky ten were selected from the 207 Montecito properties currently available for purchase. Since the first of the year, single-family home sales in Montecito are down 20%. ...