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Summer Sailing on Queen Mary

Vol. 14 Issue 31

On Board Queen Mary 2

The longest, tallest, widest, most expensive, grandest ship in the world! That’s the Queen Mary 2 (QM2). She is the first authentic ocean liner to be built since Queen Elizabeth 2 debuted over 30 years ago. These are ocean liners, not cruise ships and are built differently so they can plow the North Atlantic and other waters quite smoothly. One of the differences is the bow (I say front end), which is very slim and pointy. My Marine Engineer husband, Don, said he’s never had such a smooth ride. The QM2 – when launched it became the largest passenger ship ever built – is longer (at 1132 feet) than the Chrysler Building (1046 feet) is tall, and taller than the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Way it Was

Stewart Edward White

In his day, Stewart Edward White, the prolific author of over 40 books and innumerable magazine articles, was as popular as Jack London, Frank Norris, and Zane Grey. His second book, The Blazed Trail (1902), became a bestseller that sold over 30,000 copies a year for the next 30 years....

Village Beat

Montecito Water District Update

With recent talk of a water shortage emergency, a proposed water rate increase, and rumors swirling over the water use of the proposed Miramar project, we sat down recently with Tom Mosby, General Manager of the Montecito Water District, to ask questions and set the record straight. ...

Thedim Fiste

A New Village Resident

Actor (and former Calvin Klein model) William Baldwin plays Patrick Darling on cable television’s “Dirty, Sexy Money,” a role some suggest may explain his recent purchase of a Montecito home, bought through Village Properties agent Rebecca Riskin. Baldwin paid a short visit to his new hometown that included attendance at...

Letters to the Editor

Price is “Outta Here”

I agree with Mr. Crail's observation (MJ #14/29) re the gas station at the corner of Olive Mill and CVR regarding the shabbiness of it. Reflecting on the article, I realized that is probably why I drive right past it to go to the 'other ' gas station on CVR. ...