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Empire of Lies

Vol. 14 Issue 30

Empire of Lies

Two of his books have been turned into films – “True Crime” and “Don’t Say A Word” – and at least two of his screenplays – “A Shock to the System” and “One Missed Call” – have been filmed. Montecito resident Andrew Klavan is the son of famed New York-area morning radio host Gene Klavan, a contributing editor of City Journal, recipient of two Edgar Awards from the Mystery Writers of America, and pens opinion pieces for Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and other periodicals regularly. Andrew grew up in Long Island and graduated from UC Berkeley. He recently spent two weeks embedded with U.S. troops in Afghanistan, five of those days in the field.

Village Beat

August 6 likely MPC D-Day for Miramar

On Wednesday August 6, Rick Caruso and his team will be back before the Montecito Planning Commission. A decision whether or not to approve the controversial project is expected at the hearing, following a 10½-hour meeting on July 16. Over fifty people spoke at that hearing, and despite a plea...

Real Estate View

Montecito Listed

Since the first of July, twenty-seven homes have come on the market. Last year, for the same period, there were only three new listings. It seems like yesterday that we collectively nearly fainted when Oprah Winfrey paid $50-million for forty-two acres and a twenty-three-thousand-square-foot estate house on East Valley Road....

Letters to the Editor

Further Consideration Needed

A view of the past should help us decide the future. Mr. Price (owner of the parcel at Olive Mill and Coast Village Road) should be able to have his development, but it should be in harmony and balance with this very special place. The issue is the size. Can...

Purely Political

Government By The People?

Abraham Lincoln championed “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” He did so not in passing but at a unique moment in history: his Gettysburg address. ...