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Super Saturday

Vol. 14 Issue 29

Concerto Night Up from the Middle

While officials at the Music Academy of the West would never admit it, they must have breathed a small sigh of relief to find out that Concerto Night has officially left the low road and returned to middle ground.

Letters to the Editor

Word From The Coast

Old New York, the great melting pot of segregated neighborhoods, the sooty beacon of restricted liberties, is more rife with contradiction than long shorts, dry-cleaning fluids, or the United Nations, which don’t seem very united at all. Very little about New York City is new, but for the stadiums under...

In Business

Here’s The Scoop

“What can I get for you?” ...

Village Beat

Miramar at MPC

During a nearly 11-hour meeting last Wednesday, July 16, LA developer Rick Caruso and his team presented plans for the 204-guestroom Miramar Beach Resort resurrection to the Montecito Planning Commission. Complete with a nostalgia-inducing film featuring former bellman Grover Barnes along with several longtime residents (including Academy Award winner Eva...