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Cantwell's Takes Over Summerland Market

Vol. 14 Issue 28

Cantwell's Summerland Market

On the Fourth of July, the husband-and-wife team of Jim and Carla Gally, who have lived in Santa Barbara for more than forty years, officially opened what is now called Cantwell's Summerland Market at 2580 Lillie Avenue. Both will be working there as well as at Cantwell's, 1533 State Street (805-966-3902), which the Gallys bought from longtime Montecito resident Joe Atwill in March 2001. In addition to the two Cantwells, Jim was and remains a general contractor and does business under the name Creative Construction.

Letters to the Editor

Not So Blue at the Mosque

I thought you might get a kick out of my wife and I reading Montecito Journal in front of the Blue Mosque. The particular issue we took with us was the recent one with the John Burk – a friend of ours – article and cover shot of him and...

Village Beat

Montecito Association Endorses Miramar Project

With Rick Caruso and team in attendance, the Montecito Association publicly endorsed the closely watched Miramar project on Thursday, July 10. The three-hour ad hoc meeting was held to hear the land use committee’s recommendation, which was formulated the previous day after careful study of the county’s staff report. “We...

On the Water Front

Questions Asked, Questions Answered

From time to time Montecito Water District (MWD) receives questions regarding our water supply. Why is Montecito facing a possible severe water shortage while other South Coast entities are able to provide normal water deliveries to their customers? ...