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Inside the New Coral Casino

Vol. 14 Issue 27

Coral Casino Renovation Nears Completion

The pool is as glorious as ever, one meter longer than a full-sized Olympic pool (so that official meets could never take place in it). Originally a salt-water pool, it now fulfills the ancient duty of offering a complete workout for members and Biltmore guests with the energy and ability to traverse its length in laps.

Letters to the Editor

Let’s Just Keep It Small

As a Montecito resident and homeowner for the past 34 years, I have noticed many changes involving our community. There is one thought that remains constant with the majority of Montecito residents and that is to maintain the semi-rural quality of our close-knit community. We have the Montecito Community Plan,...

Village Beat

Governance Forum Part III

On Monday June 30 the Montecito Association hosted the last of three forums to discuss the issue of cityhood for Montecito. This meeting covered the issue of land use and development, and featured Joan Wells, former Planning Commissioner and MA Board member, and John McGinnes, Director Office of Long-range Planning...

The Way it Was

The Dinsmores of Montecito

When the Panic of 1857 destroyed his lumber business in Anson, Maine, Bradbury True Dinsmore was determined to recoup the family fortune. The 50-year-old Dinsmore and several others ventured west to drive a herd of horses and cattle cross-country to Humbolt County. Finding the area conducive to development, he returned...