In Support of Mr. Price

My husband, and I own the building at 1290 Coast Village Road, which currently is leased to Coldwell Banker Realty. I recently received a flyer from four or five people, including two of our tenants asking me to oppose the project proposed for the Unocal site next door to us.

It is common knowledge that I am strongly in favor of the new building next door.

Early in the process, Mr. Price suggested that we sit down with his architect, and discuss our concerns. After our meeting, the project team responded by making very positive changes to the design. The building now would have 10-15 feet of set-back from the sidewalk, and up to eight feet of set-back for a landscaped paseo between our buildings. They also reduced roof heights substantially. We appreciate their consideration and their architectural design and so should you.

The few people who are leading the opposition to Mr. Price's project should know that he could turn his gas station into a 24-hour Truck Service Station with a fast-food stop. This would have tall bright lights and the type of clientele this would encourage. He truly wants to build a beautiful building that is much smaller, and set back from the street more than the neighbors on both sides of the street would have one believe.

There is something wrong with our Montecito neighborhood when someone tries to do something to enhance it. There is always a group that seems to have a mean streak that precludes it from happening by setting forth half truths and questionable facts to back their objections. Furthermore, this is a Coast Village Road owner's matter, and a tenant matter.

Recently a letter was circulated which set forth specific buildings on Coast Village Road for their attractive architecture, which should be kept in mind for reference in any development on Coast Village Road. Our building was one of those mentioned. Thus one should look closely at Mr. Price's proposed building immediately adjacent to ours, and see the extremely attractive, and identical architecture that compliments that of our building. I am disappointed that some of the occupants of our building don't see how nicely Mr. Price's project will compliment the area.


Leone Murphy


(Publisher's Note: We believe the planning and appeal process for new projects is totally out-of-whack. Its cost very little for opponents of a project to protest or delay it indefinitely by demanding, for example, a comprehensive EIR be done. If we changed the rules to require the appellant to the pay the legal bills for the builder if they lose the appeal, we likely would see less activity on the appeal front. While we haven’t taken a position on Mr. Price’s building editorially – yet – we too scratch our heads wondering why anyone would prefer a gas station with its concomitant noise and activity to a mixed-use commercial-residential building featuring underground parking. ~ TLB)

Don't Do it Montecito

Note to Santa Barbara City Council: Among the most magnetic attractions that convinced my wife and I to move from our beautiful horse farm in northern Virginia to Santa Barbara over a decade ago, were the days we spent enjoying the dining and shopping along Coast Village Road. There was just no place like it.

We now live in a condo near East Beach and consider ourselves enormously fortunate to have such a unique and delightful place as "our village."

During our many years in the horse country and suburbs of Virginia, we saw all too many such charming areas disappear, often with shocking rapidity. Almost always it would start with the introduction of some out-of-character structure that did not belong there, residential or commercial. I find myself horrified that you are entertaining the thought, evidently in a very positive manner, to start this destructive process on Coast Village Road.

Beyond the water, traffic, parking, visual and esthetic problems, you will be throwing a bomb at Coast Village Road. Once done, there is no going back!

Do you really think this is what the majority of those who elected you wish to see? Don't bring Chapala Street to Montecito. It would be disastrous!!

Bud Stuart


(Publisher's Note: We are not in favor of Coast Village Road becoming anything like Chapala but would ask would we rather have a building like what Mr. Price proposed or a gas station. I would prefer a building. Before going off about the “out-of-character structure” John Price wants to build, ask yourself this: if Price’s mixed-use building were already there and he decided he’d like to tear it down and build a gas station in its place, would the community be agreeable to such a plan? The answer is self-evident. A little perspective is in order. ~ TLB)

Safety Cone Creed

Where do cones go when they die?

Is there a “Cone Heaven” deep in the sky?

For I have put down a cone, right there on the ground

And it was gone before I had even turned around.

Where it went I will all ways ponder

Maybe dragged by a truck, way down yonder.

But since neither a car or truck drove by

Makes me wonder if cones can fly.

Maybe they think and feel or have soul

‘cause keeping us safe can’t be their only goal.

What brings this up is a very strange dream

But it was more real than a dream would seem.

Once I threw a cone into my truck bed

I heard an “Ouch!” and as I approached the cone said,

“I was once tall and handsome like you”

“But now I’m a cone and the Devil got his due”

“For around a wall of cones my car did roar”

“And off the broken bridge my car did soar”

“And as I lay in the valley, mangled and bleeding”

“Only the cones I dragged with me did hear my pleading”

“I begged for forgiveness and another chance”

“Then all around me, lights did dance”

“I awoke watching a crew cleaning up my mess”

“I had exchanged souls with a cone was my only guess”

He proceeded to tell me about his travels and deeds,

Heroics,” cone style” and even their creeds.

“Whether in groups of a thousand or standing alone,

“A safe path thru danger must all ways be shone”

Now I wish that all people had had my insight

So cones would last longer and live in less fright.

For the life of a cone can hardly be fun

Cars whizzing by in the rain and hot sun.

Knowing your helpless when humans pay you no heed

Wishing you could shout out the Safety Cone Creed.

So if you see a cone whose purpose sticks in your craw

To move it’s just stupid and it’s breaking the law.

That cone could be telling a workman is near

And I know that someone holds that workman quite dear.

That cones there to keep you from crashing or slipping,

Its covering a hole, wet cement, and there to stop you from tripping.

It’s out in road to calm down your speed

So please, let’s remember the Safety Cone Creed.

Jeff James


Publisher’s note: Wow; a paean to the humble traffic cone; we’ll never look at one the same way – TLB)