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Village Fourth of July

Vol. 14 Issue 26

The Grand Old New Village Fourth

It’s that time of year again: the old fashioned, “Mayberry-esque” Fourth of July celebration fondly known as Village Fourth. Dianne Pannkuk, who has organized the event every year of its existence, tells us “she’s got it down to a science.”

Ward Connerly

Welcome to Camp Fed (Part Two of a Three-Part Series)

Visiting by family and friends at federal institutions is strongly encouraged by the Board of Prisons “to maintain the morale of the inmate and to develop closer relationships between the inmate and family members.” Despite this policy, however, the rules and the manner in which they are applied frequently discourages...

State Street Spin

And All that Pazzazz!

Over at the Granada, Milt Larson, and the forces of coeval put on a period piece – a musical celebrating Weber and Fields. ...

Letters to the Editor

In Support of Mr. Price

My husband, and I own the building at 1290 Coast Village Road, which currently is leased to Coldwell Banker Realty. I recently received a flyer from four or five people, including two of our tenants asking me to oppose the project proposed for the Unocal site next door to us. ...


Thinking About Cityhood

The recent Monday evening meetings hosted by the Montecito Association have shed considerable light on the pros and cons of incorporation. ...