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The Power of Pazzazz

Vol. 14 Issue 24

The Lady in Red

A very special show is on its way to the Granada. It’s called PAZZAZZ and it was written by longtime Montecito resident Milt Larsen and two-time Academy Award winning songwriter Richard M. Sherman.


Doomed If We Do, Doomed If We Don’t

Earlier this year we predicted Senator Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney would be fighting head to head for the U.S. presidency through the November election. Boy, were we wrong! Obama fought a savvy and guileful campaign against Hillary who, it was once believed, was to be coronated Queen of the...

Purely Political

An Education In Poor Policy

The entire political world and beyond, knows California is in a serious budget crisis. Indeed, estimates of the deficit range from $10 billion to nearly double that figure. ...

Village Beat

Creek Conscious Project

As a final project for their AP Environmental Science class at Santa Barbara High School, 28 students have begun a program called “Creek Conscious” designed to help educate the community on the health of local creeks. Community Outreach Coordinator Kelsea Peace and Director of Production Tavish Ryan sat down with...

Letters to the Editor

Double Energy Twins

I have seen Judi and Shari Zucker power walking the streets of Montecito for years and I have always admired their commitment. They just radiate energy and well-being. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article about the "Double Energy Twins" (MJ #14/23). It's fun to read about people who are committed...