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Double Takes

Vol. 14 Issue 23

More “Town Forums” On Tap

On the last three consecutive Mondays in June (16, 23,30), the Montecito Association will host three informational community forums addressing cityhood for Montecito. MA President Bill Palladini and chairman of the newly formed Governance Committee Gene Sinser sat down with us recently to discuss the format of the meetings and the expected results.

Guest Editorial

Close Call

This is certainly a different column than I thought I’d be writing. We (Voices of Montecito) thought Caruso Affiliated would be gone as of Monday at 2 pm because County planners wouldn’t agree to what they had already agreed. But the Miramar Hotel development will move forward in a form...

Letters to the Editor

MUS Fifth-Graders in DC

(If you have something you think Montecito should know about, or wish to respond to something you read in the Journal, we want to hear from you. Please send all such correspondence to: Montecito Journal, Letters to the Editor, 1122 Coast Village Circle, Montecito, CA. 93108. You can also...

The Classical Take

The Grand Little Ojai Music Festival

Tiny as it is, the Ojai Music Festival has long held a cherished place on classical music’s calendar of summer festivals, especially in America. ...