Archive » May 1, 2008

The Miramar's Last Stand

Vol. 14 Issue 18

Miramar Latest

On Monday April 28 county planners Anne Almy and Michelle Gibbs held a Public Hearing on the Draft Subsequent EIR for the Miramar project. Ten Montecito residents spoke at the hearing, allowing the planners to hear their concerns.


The Miramar: Last Time for the Montecito Association

With the June 10 Montecito Planning Commission meeting fast approaching, the Montecito Association has announced it will hold a final public hearing regarding the Miramar before it makes a decision to recommend approval or disapproval of owner Rick Caruso’s plan. Although the board has voted to "support" it, representatives of...

Real Estate View

Montecito Sold

Since the First of March, fourteen Montecito homes have changed ownership. Four of these were under $2 million, four were between $2-3m, and four were between $3-4m. In the $4m-and-above category, there were two sales. ...

Montecito Sportsman

The Artful Angler Reels in Local Fishermen

A local resource of knowledge and equipment for experienced or inexperienced fishermen is in our backyard. Eric Rangel, a 39-year-old native of Ventura County (Fillmore area), is the owner The Artful Angler, a fly shop on Santa Claus Lane in Carpinteria. ...

Letters to the Editor

Water Rates Going Up...Again !

Now is the time when all property owners must get involved in the new water allocation and rate structure being developed by the Montecito Water District. Many single-family homeowners could receive a water allocation that is a fraction of what they have been using and then be forced to pay...