Calamity at CASA

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) Executive Director Maria Long called to report that although 4,832 invitations to CASA’s $250-per-person “Santa Barbara Style” Luau fundraiser were supposedly processed on April 2nd, many donors tell her they never received one. “Friends all over town,” Maria says, “have called, upset that they never received their invitations! We really need to get the word out,” she pleads, “that this is a spectacular event. It just makes me sick that somewhere there are literally hundreds of beautiful invitations sitting in some warehouse gathering dust.”

Needless to say, tickets are available for this event, featuring music by Papa Doo Run Run and an appearance by former world’s-number-one surfer Shaun Tomson, set to take place at the Doubletree rotunda beginning at 6 pm. And, because it has been completely underwritten (thanks to an event held at the Dreier Museum), every penny goes directly to help support individual kids. Clothing is casual/resort wear, music and food will be great, company sublime, and the cause… well, even atheists agree CASA does God’s work representing kids stuck in the court system whose parents are either unable, unwilling, or simply too irresponsible to be of any help. Call 805-879-1730 and do yourself good by doing good.

Rock the Cradle

A couple months ago, Montecito-based Them Terribles placed in the top 3 out of over 5,000 competitors in an internet battle of the bands and won the opportunity to play live in New York City on MTV.

Now another Montecito native has a chance to shine. Crosby Loggins, who was a good friend of mine growing up, has been placed in a similar competition on MTV. The show, called “Rock the Cradle,” features offspring of famous musicians looking to create their own independent music careers. Similar to the competition with Them Terribles, the show requires viewers to vote online for their favorite performer.

Karen Jones, another friend of Crosby’s, sent me this letter...

Finally a real musician, Montecito's own Crosby Loggins, is getting some national exposure.

This is a rare opportunity for Santa Barbara music lovers to have their voices heard by watching MTV's Rock the Cradle every Thursday and voting for Crosby Loggins. Most of his competition is relying on tried and true circus tricks and sexual exploitation to become the next music celebrity. Sorry, but in our home, porn and smashing guitars is not a substitute for music.

Of course, I am assuming there ever was "music" in MTV. But for most of its existence MTV has been nothing more than a marketing tool. The singer-songwriter era is long gone in pop culture, despite the plethora of talent in small venues across the country. Let’s try to bring back music that is meaningful.

On last week's show it became obvious that the producers of the show want to see more skin. The remaining females in the competition were driven to writhing on the floor while the male competitors were busting guitars, showing skin, and grabbin' their package; all the stuff we have come to expect from this so-called music television. Crosby is the lone musical voice in the wilderness, being the only contestant to stand on pure musicianship.

Remember, this is a competition. We need to get behind our guy. We need to get some "Go Crosby" signs up, chalk paint our car windows, whatever we can do. While I am extremely proud of Crosby, I am also a little concerned that if we do not make a concerted effort to support him, he could be one of two contestants who will be voted off this week. This isn't about Crosby vs. the skin-flashin', trash talkin’, crotch-tasslin' competition. This is a rare opportunity for those of us who value music to send a message to the MTV corporate towers saying we do want our MTV, just so long as the "M" stands for music. As a proud supporter of music and culture I ask you to please watch MTV this week and vote. Ask your friends and neighbors to do the same. Here is a link to vote for Crosby:" –

We too support Crosby and wish the best of luck to him this Thursday. However, we are one-up on MTV; we know that regardless of what happens to him on “Rock The Cradle,” Crosby will go on to a successful musical career for the few simple reasons that he is hugely talented, serious, likeable, and works exceedingly hard at his craft.

(Ed. note to Crosby: my dad wants to know what happened to “Sierra’s Eyes” or “She’ll Always Have My Eyes”; he says that song deserves to become a hit, and then a classic.)