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Carpinteria's Home & Garden Tour

Vol. 14 Issue 17

Montecito Planning Commission

At the April 16 Montecito Planning Commission meeting the board approved a request by the Planning and Development Department to recommend to the Board of Supervisors an ordinance that would revise road-naming procedures. The current procedure when naming or renaming an existing road includes a review by the MPC after notice to nearby owners and tenants is given.

Letters to the Editor

It Wasn't Me, I Swear

I think anonymous letters in the Journal provide intriguing insights we might not be able to garner if the authors had to reveal themselves. However, I also think the policy leads to some pretty wild speculation about who the anonymous authors might be. ...


Calamity at CASA

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) Executive Director Maria Long called to report that although 4,832 invitations to CASA’s $250-per-person “Santa Barbara Style” Luau fundraiser were supposedly processed on April 2nd, many donors tell her they never received one. “Friends all over town,” Maria says, “have called, upset that they never...

On the Water Front

The New Water Limitation Ordinance

On April 15th, the Montecito Water District Board of Directors adopted a Water Limitation Ordinance that underscores the District’s commitment to reduce customers’ water usage to a sustainable level, and to bring water supply and water demand into balance. ...

In the Garden

Warning: Bamboo May Appear in Living Room

Dear Mr. Greenjeans, ...