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California Romantica

Vol. 14 Issue 16

Miramar Litigation Ahead?

In the home stretch of the Miramar approval process, possible litigations by some residents could stop it dead in its tracks. According to developer Rick Caruso, “We know there are a couple of the neighbors that have hired lawyers, and we’re not sure why they would hire lawyers unless they anticipate litigation.”


Say Hello to the New Biltmore Seawall

It seems only yesterday when (in January of 2005) the Butterfly Beach steps collapsed and fell victim to winter rain and an unruly high tide. And, I don't know about you, but I like the new seawall across from the Biltmore. ...

Letters to the Editor

Miramar Madness

Caruso Affiliated has worked hard to incorporate all the ideas of the community into its plans for rebuilding the Miramar Hotel. This week I attended a meeting at the home of Valerie and Bob Montgomery to hear the latest outline of progress. The builders seem co-operative, the proposal sounds valid...

Coming & Going

A Romantic Californian

The first thing Diane Keaton wanted to acknowledge during our telephone interview that took place Thursday morning, April 10, was the help she received in putting together her new book, “California Romantica.” She specifically mentioned Harry Kolb, Joan Kreiss, Suzanne Perkins, Melissa Birch, and Pamela Regan – real estate professionals...

The Way it Was

Buffalo Bill and His Wild West Show

“No circus ever called together such a crowd as that which found its way to the Agricultural Park yesterday afternoon and evening on the occasion of Buffalo Bill’s first visit to Santa Barbara,” reported the Morning Press on September 23, 1902. About 7,000 people, more than Santa Barbara’s population, rushed...