A “Girls’ Night Out” at Saks

Theresa Sharifi, General Manager for Saks Fifth Avenue is helping coordinate a special “Saks In The City” three-hour sales event at the store, set for Thursday, April 17 as a fundraiser for the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation.

“We are going to be having a party on that day,” Theresa announces, “from 7 pm to 10 pm.” Invitations should already have gone out by the time you read this, and Ms Sharifi says they expect from 300 to 350 people to attend. Ten percent of all sales made that evening will go directly to the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation.

Saks became a partner with Teddy Bear after Mindy Denson and Kristi Marks of Saks Fifth Avenue attended the Teddy Bear luncheon last fall and were so moved by Jeff Zamora's speech and the presentation, we are told, that they wanted to help. Subsequently, Teddy Bear founder Nikki Katz and Executive Director Marni Rozet met with the women from Saks and tossed around ideas that might bring new interest to the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation. “Saks In The City” grew out of those sessions.

The event is billed as “An indulgent Girls’ Night Out,” and will feature firemen serving cocktails and offering foot massages to shoppers trying on the latest from Manola Blahnik, Gucci, Chanel, and other Saks vendors. A limited amount of designer clothing from New York and Beverly Hills will also be available. Additionally, there will be a “Mr. Big” – Santa Barbara’s own personal versions of the featured character in the Sex And The City Series – live auction in which men from various professions (a personal chef, tennis and golf coach, masseur, hair stylist, personal trainer, surfer, bicyclist, landscapist, and others) will donate their expertise to the highest bidders. All proceeds will go directly to Teddy Bear.

“We have so much going on that evening,” Kristi promises. “We will have models, for example, coming into the store from various vendors, such as women’s Etro (which will doing a sneak peak of ‘must haves’) modeling bathing suits, scarves, and dresses.” Designer reps from Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF), Max Mara, Piazzasempione, among others, will also be on hand.

At least three bars will be up and running, serving beverages and libations, and tasty hors d’oeuvres from Opal, Via Vai, Sesto Senso, Duo Events, Sevilla and a few other generous eateries will be plentiful. Other vendors include Santa Barbara Ice, AMS Entertainment, Dierberg Vineyard, Las Vegas Vodka, Make it Work, Rock n Roll cab and Hot Ice Sculpture.

Tickets are $100, and as far as dressing for the event, anything from casual to black-tie is acceptable, though the committee hopes “some people take it to the nines.” There will be valet parking available.

If you’d like to join event co-chairs Lucia Engel and Christina Rottman and committee members Marni Rozet, Nikki Katz, Tina Datta, Mer James, Leslie Von Wiesenberger, Sheela Hunt, Dawn O'Donnell, Carla Tomson, Jessica Shaeman, Theresa Sharifi, and Kristi Marks, you are invited to call Marni Rozet at 805-563-4740 or visit www.teddybearcancerfoundation.org.

Three-ring Circus

Well, not really (although it does make for an intriguing sub-head, neh?), but congratulations are in order for Tom and Maureen Widroe; Maureen gave birth on February 14 to triplets Reagan Lee (born at 7:53 am and weighing in at 4lb, 5oz), Jack Murphy (7:55 am, 3lb, 14oz), and Asher Thomas (7:57am, 4lb, 1oz).

Tom is ringmaster of “The Tom Widroe Show” that airs every Saturday on 990AM from 1 pm to 4 pm as the only conservative talk radio show emanating out of Santa Barbara these days. Maureen is an Event Planner with her own Widroe Group.

Santa Barbara’s connection to conservative talk radio is strong: Sean Hannity lived and worked in Santa Barbara (as a house painter among other things – Jim Alexander take note!) and was even fired from a radio position here before moving on to his syndicated show. Dr. Laura Schlessinger began her career in Los Angeles, but now lives in Santa Barbara, and one of the first stations to have picked up Rush Limbaugh was, yes, here in Santa Barbara.

Tom Widroe’s on-air professionalism belies the small-town genesis of his show, and because he tackles national and international issues, rather than local ones (although he does touch on those too), he is likely to be picked up for syndication one of these days, especially if tapped to stand in for a vacationing nationally syndicated talk show host and heard by a larger audience. He is very good – as is his show – and if you like talk radio, you are advised to listen up!

In the meantime, best of luck to Tom and Maureen and their three little bundles of bliss.

Wining, Dining, and All That Jazz

The “Wine, Dine and All That Jazz” American Riviera Wine Auction Weekend presented by the Santa Barbara Country Vintners Association (with all proceeds going to Direct Relief International) held its gala dinner at the Four Seasons Biltmore Saturday evening March 15. No doubt our wine columnist Judy Willis, who was there, will detail the event, but we thought we’d jump the gun with a few photos, since the affair was such a rousing success. Andrew Firestone (ABC-TV’s second “Bachelor,” and son of Kate and Brooks), hosted the glittering gathering, which honored Foxen Winery’s Dick Doré and Bill Wathen with The Santa Barbara Vintners' Foundation Humanitarian Award, and John Cleese with the Foundation’s Wine Diplomat Award (Cleese wasn’t present, but appeared via video).