Archive » April 3, 2008

Saks in the City

Vol. 14 Issue 14

A “Girls’ Night Out” at Saks

Theresa Sharifi, General Manager for Saks Fifth Avenue is helping coordinate a special “Saks In The City” three-hour sales event at the store, set for Thursday, April 17 as a fundraiser for the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation.

Ward Connerly

Barack Obama and Race

He was born in Hawaii. His mother was a white woman from Kansas and his father a black man from Kenya. His name is Barack Hussein Obama. He worked as a community organizer in Chicago before entering politics. He is a first-term United States Senator with a somewhat undistinguished record...

Village Beat

Montecito Fire Station #3 Update

Nearly three weeks after hosting a meeting to discuss the need for a third fire station in Montecito, Fire Chief Kevin Wallace tells us the community has responded. “The majority of the response has been: they don’t want it in their neighborhood,” he said. However, he added, “[The idea] has...

Letters to the Editor

Unanswered Questions Regarding Cityhood

As a 34-year resident and homeowner in Montecito, I find Mr. Tony Manzanetti’s evaluations on cityhood to Kelly Mahan very misleading with many questions unanswered. (MJ #14/13) ...