High on Meth, Driver Arrested on Olive Mill

Monday, February 12 – A 41-year-old Ventura man was arrested on Olive Mill Road for driving under the influence of drugs.

Deputy Rivlin said the driver had dilated pupils that reacted slowly to light. A urine sample confirmed the man was under the influence of amphetamines and methamphetamines. The man admitted he had taken “two or three or four hits” from a friend’s pipe after “scoring” drugs in Montecito.

A DMV check of the suspect’s 1989 Dodge revealed he had been on parole for possession of a controlled substance for sale in Ventura.

Break-in on Toro Canyon, But No Burglary

Monday, February 12 – The top representative of a construction site on Toro Canyon Road said someone broke into work containers, though he could not claim signs of burglary.

The 47-year-old male told deputies Woodhill and Hernandez that he found the lock and chains cut off from two Conex box tool containers.

The man said no tools were taken, but the $20 master lock was removed from the scene.

Transients Claim Getaway on Ortega Hill

Friday, February 16 – Two transients reported they were victims of grand theft on Ortega Hill Road in Summerland. Among the stolen items: an Eddie Bauer backpack ($50), a prescription for morphine sulfate, a green sleeping bag, a yellow mattress pad, $200 cash and a wallet with one of the men’s identification card, Social Security card and birth certificate. The older transient, 30, also claimed his prescription for medical marijuana and six ounces of marijuana worth $300 were among the stolen possessions.

The two men said they were approached by a teen-aged male who offered to drive them to Santa Barbara after meeting them at a fast food restaurant in Oceanside. While they went to get a drink during a liquor store stop in Summerland, the men said the teenager drove away with the men’s belongings.

Loureyro Road Man Reports Vandalism

Sunday, February 18 – A 54-year-old man said he was the victim of vandalism at his Loureyro Road residence.

The man said someone broke into the rear windows of his motor home with rocks while the motor home was parked in his gated backyard. The damage amounts to $400, the resident said.