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Get ready for big changes in Montecito

Letters to the Editor
Beware of “Killum Keck”; What are Rocky Mountain Oysters?

Sheriff’s Blotter
High on meth on Olive Mill Road; break-in but no burglary on Torro Canyon

Ernie’s World
Ernie and company discover best way to clear a room: discussing how to kill your characters

Eye on Montecito
John Watson on a little known but often seen memorial establish in honor of two children who died in infancy

Scene Around Town
Swooning for artists for Contemporary Arts Forum; Author Bunny Williams’ appearance at Country Club

In Business
Preview of upcoming S.E.E.D. Forum, one of largest collegiate level entrepreneurship forums in California

Events Calendar
Second 1st Thursday; Thom Anderson’s “Los Angeles Plays Itself”; Grammy Award-winning drummer Luis Conte

South Coasting
Yo, keep your eyes, and ears, out for Yo-Yo Ma; Film Festival’s sweep at the Oscars

On Stage
Steve Libowitz on an actor who has played Jesus longer than Christ was even believed to be alive

On the Beat
Bluesman Lonnie Brooks on ups, downs, but never dead points of Chicago blues

Classified Advertising

So You Want to Live in Montecito

Vol. 13 Issue 9

Why Buy In Montecito?

Perhaps you’ve read that some 12 billionaires (and counting) own part-time or full-time homes here and assume they know something you don’t (they do). Maybe you simply want to live in a place where 4,000-foot mountains tumble gently towards the sea in a Mediterranean year-round climate with an abundance of arts and entertainment options (and restaurants) nearby and a choice of elegant living quarters to choose from. Or, you are just searching for a quiet community in which it’s possible to walk to the market or the hardware store, book store, church and/or school, and, oh yes, where those small well-run public schools excel academically and feature intense parental involvement.

John Wilcock – The Column of Lasting Insignificance

Holy Honey-infused Ale

Years of trying to export its Lindisfarne Mead to California just paid off for a couple on tiny Holy Island, off Britain’s northeast coast. Lindisfarne is the medieval name for Holy Island where St. Aidan’s Winery produces 75,000 bottles of the honey-infused ale, which sells for about $12, a drink...

Trail Talk

Exploring Montecito’s Trails

Among the countless reasons why Montecito is one of the world’s greatest places to live is the close proximity of nature, which can be accessed through an extensive network of trails. Many of the local trails started out as Indian paths, were used by early Spanish settlers, and over time...

Estate Planning

Turning Fantasy into Reality

Living in Montecito isn’t as difficult as it seems; it often only requires inventiveness, sheer gumption and plain naiveté

Living in Montecito is as much about inventiveness, sheer gumption and plain naiveté as it is about finding the financial resources to get here. There is no one right way to do it. People take many paths. ...

Wealth Strategies

So, You Want to Buy in Montecito?

To cash or not to cash, that often is the question when buying a Montecito home. “Many prospective residents are in the enviable position of being able to purchase one of our four- to twelve-million-dollar-plus homes with no financing,” says Sandy Stahl, a longtime Montecito real estate agent and resident....

Public Affairs Directory

Public Affairs Directory

It’s understandable if you can’t remember all those important names and phone numbers, which is why we’ve supplied you with a guide you need to keep

A short and handy guide to all the people and institutions you need to know. ...

Opera Santa Barbara

Rigoletto Rocks

In his opening remarks under an elegant white tent and in front of a black-tie crowd for the opening night gala before the premiere performance of Verdi’s “Rigoletto,” Opera Santa Barbara President Peter Bertling thanked the “committee that put this together” that included Carolina Montgomery, Louise Gaylord, Judy Smith, Sandra...