Lotusland in Bloom

On February 15, Lotusland, Montecito’s garden treasure, opened for the 2007 season. Located on Sycamore Canyon Road between Ashley and Cold Spring roads, Lotusland is a unique 37-acre estate and botanic garden. Madame Ganna Walska, who owned the property from 1941 until her death in 1984, created the gardens and established the non-profit Ganna Walska Lotusland Foundation, which now preserves this unrivaled botanical Eden.

In 2006, Lotusland was awarded the President’s Award by Santa Barbara Beautiful, an organization that gives recognition for private and public projects that enhance the community.

A Lotusland regular like me visits the garden at every opportunity to witness the seasonal wonder that unfolds throughout the year. In January, aloes, camellias, azaleas and osmanthus are in bloom and spring is the time for colorful annual bloom. In June and July, the rose garden is in all its glory, August is lotus season and in late summer you can enjoy fragrant ginger in bloom. In October and November, you will witness the Japanese maples and spectacular fall color display of ginkgo biloba.

Do you want to be Lotusland regular? Become a member. Membership entitles you to self-guided tours, free passes, members-only events and the receipt of the Lotusland newsletter.

For info call 969-3767 or visit www.lotusland.org.

Sustainable Gardening Workshop

Lotusland incorporates sustainable practices in managing the garden and has received a Green award and The Ladybug Award from the Santa Barbara Pesticide Awareness and Alternative Coalition.

This spring there is an opportunity to learn to apply the sustainable practices employed at Lotusland in your own garden. On Saturday, March 24 there will be a Sustainable Gardening Workshop at the gardens with the help of Lotusland grounds staff.

Call 969-9990 for reservations.

Extended Hours

There is an urban legend that it is difficult to procure a reservation at Lotusland. Nothing could further from the truth with Lotusland’s extended reservation hours. Surely, the weekends fill up quickly, but there are many opportunities to visit this special place. Because Lotusland is a public garden operating in a private, residential neighborhood, advance reservations are required.

To schedule a visit, please call the Visitor Services office at 969-9990, between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday and 9 am to 1 pm, Saturday.

Gardening Checklist

• Buy bare-root roses, berries, fruit trees and vegetables

• Buy summer-blooming bulbs such as dahlias and gladiolus; store them in paper bags until spring

• Prune roses, deciduous trees, and stone fruit trees

• Don’t fertilize or feed until March

• Don’t cut back plants that suffered frost damage, wait until the danger of freezing temperatures pass

• Let things be dormant for now, your plants need a rest