Meet Inti

When Inti's human family welcomed a new baby into the family, this handsome Yellow Fronted Amazon started acting aggressively toward the man of the house. Not long afterward, the family let go of the bird. Luckily for Inti, Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary swooped in and offered him temporary shelter at its digs in Summerland. Jamie McLeod, the sanctuary’s founder, says Inti would prefer living with a single woman who is an experienced bird handler.

To learn more about this Inti, contact the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary at 565-1807. To meet other adoptable cats, dog and bunnies, please visit

Who is SBBS?

The Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, orphaned, abused and abandoned parrots and companion birds. In addition, the sanctuary acts as a resource within the community to ensure responsible bird guardianship through education, support and, when needed, to locate alternative second homes through a structured screening and adoption process.

What They Do

The bird sanctuary offers educational programs for people who are thinking of adopting a bird. Learning about the complex needs of these special creatures before bringing one into the family is critical to breaking the “throw-away mentality” so many rescue organizations are faced with. For many birds, their lives have been shattered by neglect or abuse and volunteers must work diligently to gain their trust. With proper love, medical attention, nutrition and training, many of these formerly unwanted birds can be placed into new homes. For some, their behavior or physical problems make placement difficult, if not impossible. The sanctuary’s goal is to allow these unadoptable birds to remain safely at the sanctuary for the duration of their lives. For more info on the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary call 565-1807 or visit