Couple Links Verizon Bill to Identity Theft

Monday, January 22 – A Rachita Vista Road woman said she believes she was a victim of identity theft.

The 52-year-old woman’s husband told Deputy B. Smith his wife received a collection notice from Afni Incorporated detailing the woman’s outstanding Verizon Communications bill totaling $772. The bill dated back to 1997 and was linked to an address in Bellflower. The victim said she has never had an account with Verizon. By filing the crime report, the Verizon account has been closed, pending an investigation.

The woman’s husband, 60, said his wife had previously been a victim of identity theft in an incident where mail had been stolen from the couple’s box during the mid-1990s.

Missing Camera on Romero Canyon

Wednesday, January 24 – An unknown suspect reportedly stole a 47-year-old man’s camera from a client’s home on Romero Canyon Road. The missing property is reportedly worth $200.

The victim measured windows for shutters at a 52-year-old woman’s house. The man owns a shutter building company and came to the residence with his clipboard and camera.

Upon noticing he left both items at the residence, the woman called the man and told him she would leave the items on her porch for him. When the victim’s wife came to retrieve the items, only the clipboard remained, the victim said.

Jewelry Raid Totals $40,000

Friday, January 26 – A 78-year-old woman from Los Angeles believes she was the victim of theft totaling almost $40,000 during her stay on Packing House Road.

The woman said she celebrated New Year’s Eve at Birnam Wood Golf Course. During the stay, she said she kept her jewelry in a bathrobe in the closet in the bathroom and in a pouch between the arm rest and cushion of a chair. The woman said the jewelry in the bathroom went missing and she said she is unsure whether she left the jewelry on the chair.

The missing jewelry was a set of multicolored earrings ($20,000); “onyx” style earrings with diamonds ($3,000); earrings with “Citron” stones ($,1500); imposter two-carat diamond earrings in gold frames ($250); a gold necklace with “X” diamonds from Tiffany and Co. ($2,500); a necklace with “heart” diamonds ($3,000); a “Bando” bracelet with diamonds ($8,500); and “La Lune” bracelet ($3,000).