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Also Inside This Issue

Letters to the Editor
Art Advisor Carole Lieff’s Turkey bashing comes in for some criticism (and we love it!); academic freedom ain’t what it used to be, says Bob Hazard

Local News
Giffin & Crane Crane School classroom construction just about done

Miramar Update
Rick Caruso says he won’t be rerouting the road that runs through it and is studying the height issue at the Miramar; new plans on the way

Garden Gossip
Aaah, those cold crisp mornings have turned the leaves scarlet red and bright yellow and… Oh, that was Maine. Montecito’s cool mornings do bring higher visibility and better views; stuff to do in the garden, now

Susan Pitcher is Dressed & Ready for the green revolution

Your Westmont
Montecito Covenant Church welcomes The American Double; Jane Eyre reading on agenda for all-day reading; Shasberger and Dimaggio perform at Deane Chapel

A Special Event
Santa Barbara Dance Alliance Dancers Ball moves from Cabrillo Pavilion to Montecito Country Club; David & Carolene expected to dance

On Entertainment
Festival of Art & Jazz in Courthouse Sunken Gardens features art of former music director Peter Clark; they’re still cleaning house at the Alhecama

Ernie’s World
Witham combines assiduous attention to housecleaning and deep interest in athletic pursuits to hold wife’s love and affection

World of WIne
Sip Tips from Wine Sleuth Willis include wines from Northern California, Australia, and Portugal

Montecito Diary

Vol. 13 Issue 40

Honoring Andy, Dolly… Larry, Marcy… Richard, Maryan…

Upon taking a seat at his table in advance of a triple-header tribute to honor Andy & Dolly Granatelli, Larry & Marcy Crandell, and Richard & Maryan Schall, by awarding them with a Pierre Claeyssens’ Award for Distinguished Service on Thursday evening October 4 at the Montecito Country Club, I asked Andy Granatelli about Rudy Giuliani’s reference to him as his “vice-presidential running mate” the week before at the Biltmore. “I accept,” the 80-something-year-old racing legend says gruffly, adding, “He could do worse.” Andy speaks with a mirthful smile that signals two things: he may be joking, or he may be serious, probably both.


Lights Out Santa Barbara Good Idea, But Why Stop There?

All too often groups attempting to spawn “awareness” about global warming and profligate energy consumption end up using massive amounts of resources in order to “spread the word.” This summer, for example, Live Earth, a concert series promoted by the zinc-mine-owning, private-jet-flying multi-millionaire and multi-mega-mansion-owning Al Gore, attempted to “reach...

Seen Around Town

Tapas, Vino y Arte

As we parked at the Lobero and walked down Canon Perdido toward the plaza entrance leading to the Alhecama Theater courtyard, we saw three columns of orange, pink, green, yellow and purple balloons flying high in the sky. When we arrived at the event it exploded with more color. There...

Voices of Montecito

Sinking in a County Planning Quagmire

I took the summer off. I always do. I go to Maine and live on the coast where I fish striped bass almost everyday and interact with some of the most colorful and steadfast people I have ever met. If the Maine coast had Montecito's weather, it would be the...

On Music

The Musical Weekend of Shai Wosner

Considering that he just made his Santa Barbara debut playing the Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time with Camerata Pacifica last March, pianist Shai Wosner has already become a local favorite. At least it sure seems that way this weekend, when the young Israeli native – the winner of...

Book Talk

The Perils of Paula

Graham Swift’s “Tomorrow,” like many fine novels, reminds us of inexorable passing of time, says Shelly

It is a universally recognized truth that contemporary fiction would begin with some intriguing or momentous issue, then promptly switch focus into another time frame. ...