Suspect Steals from Middle Road Residence

Monday, January 8 – An unknown suspect stole more than $400 and a pair of cell phones from a couple’s residence on Middle Road. The 62-year-old resident said also among the missing items were a wallet that contained an “emergency” $20 bill and three “emergency” blank checks from a hidden compartment in the wallet.

The resident said he was using the bathroom and drinking a glass of water in the middle of the night when he noticed the back patio sliding glass door to his house had been opened. He also said he noticed the interior door to his garage had been opened.

The man’s 60-year-old wife told deputies Lampe and Crouse the nightstand and dresser drawers in the downstairs guest bedroom had been opened as well.

In addition to money, both of the couple’s cell phones, cell phone chargers and ear pieces were missing.

No suspects have been identified.

Brooks Student Reports Theft

Wednesday, January 10 – An unknown suspect reportedly stole photography-related possessions totaling nearly $2,000 from the car of a Brooks Institute of photography student. The 18-year-old student, who lives in a Summerland apartment on Lillie Avenue, said missing from her car were a Horseman LE 4x5 view camera ($1,540), Fidelity film holder ($40), focusing cloth ($45), Tenba 45 student case ($140) and a Horseman Copal 1 board. Also gone, the student reported, were a Brooks identification card, a set of keys to a MINI Cooper, a silver purse and a cell phone charger.