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Also Inside This Issue

Tim discusses Miramar rumors; Coral Casino and more

Letters to the Editor
Semi-rural driving etiquette; it’s our process, for better or worse; stop the spread of misinformation

Community Calendar
At the galleries, lectures, luncheons, tributes, celebrations and Montecito’s daily ebbs and flows

Local News
Miramar attracts a buyer; supervisors approve appointments

Sheriff’s Blotter
Late-night theft on Middle Road; theft at Brooks Institute of Photography

Coup de Grace
When you’re married, ‘getting lucky’ means finding convenient parking, says Grace

The Way it Was
Hattie Beresford on Parma Park, and the unknown legacy left by its forebears

Eye on Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara Railroad Station, a surviving symbol of this city’s ascent to the golden age of architecture

Real Estate View
Mark Schneidman says in the housing market, nice guys don’t finish last

Events Calendar
Classical concerts, benefit dinners, blues sessions, seaside visits from royalty and a whole lot more

Garden Gossip
If it’s January, it’s time to trim those roses, but don’t worry about the frost, your flowers will bounce back

Book Talk
Shelly Lowenkopf on the feisty, acidulous and fascinating Dorothy Parker, a larger-thanlife critic

The Montecito Chef of the Month
Lana Marmé on the food tradition going on at Connie Lindberg’s Montecito home

Until this Friday, some of the world’s best chefs will be cooking up a storm at the Biltmore

Classified Advertising
Local Business Directory People who do business who want to do business with you

The Miramar's New Man

Vol. 13 Issue 4

Breaking News

Today presented the first official affirmation that Los Angeles developer Rick Caruso is indeed buying the Miramar Hotel from Ty Warner. During a press conference this morning at Coast Village Road restaurant Cava, Caruso told a group of reporters he had entered escrow on the 14-acre property two days ago and could close on the hotel in the matter of two weeks.

The Best of 2006

The Best Non-Profit Parties of the Year

Out of the 900 or so non-profit organizations that call Santa Barbara county a base of operations, a corresponding number of fundraisers are held each year (that’s almost three a day, if you’re counting at home). Santa Barbara rules the nation in number of non-profit organizations per capita and amount...

John Wilcock – The Column of Lasting Insignificance

In the Act

Longtime allegations that, by cozying up to the police, NBC’s hit show “To Catch a Predator” may have crossed the line and entered the realm of entrapment, says a story in the Columbia Journalism Review. “At a time when reporters are struggling to keep law enforcement from encroaching on newsgathering,...

Coming & Going

Thomas Friedman’s Flatter World

Last year’s first Westmont President’s Breakfast was an 800-participant waiting-list-only sold-out affair that featured an enormously engrossing talk by a polished and articulate master. Author-historian David McCullough was serendipitously chosen as the first speaker in what Westmont administrators plan as a yearly high-profile event. Former Secretary of Education and best-selling...

Scene Around Town

A Spear-headed Festive Luncheon

Tommie Spear gathered 13 of her many Montecito friends for an elegant sit-down luncheon at her Solimar Beach place. Spear is a decorator by profession and her home is a testament to her skills, filled with antiques and prints from Provence. She can also claim writer in her credits; her...

Festival in Focus

A Dream Come True, Musicals Are Back

The movie musical was considered a dead medium in Hollywood before “Chicago” came along in 2002 and both scored at the box office and gobbled up six Academy Awards, including the Oscar for best picture. Now, “Dreamgirls” is poised to possibly repeat the feat, what with very respectable sales figures...