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Also Inside This Issue

SBHS still needs $7,000 to complete renovation; Montecito Association Beautification Committee looking for a few good properties;

Letters to the Editor
Uh, oh, Carole’s in trouble for knocking Turkey, but Betty had some trouble there too; Dr. Gloria praised

Our Town
Laguna Blanca School celebrates 75 years of Readin’, wRitin’, and aRithmetic

Coup de Grace
Okay, one, two, three, my bra is a C; four, five, six, throw a girdle in the mix; seven, eight, nine, those bonbons and movie magazines are mine; and a T E N and we start all over again…

The Way it Was
Oh, Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart; you’re shaking my confidence daily; looking back on the St. Cecilia Society

Montecito Chef of the Month
Bonnie Corman’s a teacher; she’s a gardener, she’s a cook; she’s an academic, and she plays her music in the sun

Your Westmont
We’ve seen “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” and agree, most of us aren’t; Westmont professor of chemistry Niva Tro is though, you can count on it

On Music
Thank you, Stix, for inaugurating first Solvang Jazz Festival that drew enough bodies to plan a second; Courthouse Jazz Series kicks off in Santa Barbara; Rebecca Kleinmann brings New Quartet to Tortilla Factory

On Entertainment
First Annual Festival of Fools dedicated to Marcel Marceau (before he died); Perry, Steenburgen, and Christie head up celeb parade at Ojai Film Festival;

Book Talk
The Naïve narrator is back, says Shelly, who cites Kazuo Ishiguro’s “The Remains of the Day” as proof

Coming & Going

Vol. 13 Issue 39

Barry Siegel’s Life

Last issue, we reported the death of Barry Siegel, a community activist and retired engineer, who died peacefully on Thursday, September 20, 2007, but had little time to prepare more remarks. Here, therefore, is Barry’s official obituary:

Local News

76 Station Development Update

Coast Village 76 Station Update; MUS Jogathon scheduled for Friday, October 5

After several design and concept reviews, developer John Price is ready to present the final version of the 1298 Coast Village Road commercial and residential project before the City Planning Commission, according to Peter Lawson, associate planner for the City of Santa Barbara Community Development Planning Division. ...

Seen Around Town

Fiddlers On The Roof (of the Granada)

There were literally fiddlers on the roof along with 200 patrons and supporters of the Granada Theatre restoration. We were all directed to drive to the top floor of the Granada parking garage and then walk up the ramp to the roof where wine and Jewish deli food awaited. What...

Real Estate View

The September Montecito Heat Index

Montecito single-family-home sellers have been successfully pushing back against a tide of pervasive, national and regional market decline headlines. The California Association of Realtors just reported that California homes sales decreased 27.8% in August. Yet, the Montecito single-family-home market has been stronger this year in every significant category over last...

In Business

Chocolate Maya

If there is no chocolate in heaven, why would anyone want to live there, wonders Maya Schoop-Rutten of Chocolate Maya

“Chocolate is the answer; who cares about the question?” This is just one of the many rules that Maya Schoop-Rutten lives by. Her boutique, Chocolate Maya, brings together chocolates from around the world here to Santa Barbara. ...

World of Wine

Montecito & Santa Barbara Wine Makers

I'll be providing a series of profiles on the winemakers who craft some of the local wines you have made popular at the Montecito restaurants you frequent. This week it is Christian Garvin whose Oreana wines are crafted in Cellar 205, just a mile or so from the Montecito border,...