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Also Inside This Issue

Remembering Mathew Tomson; Honoring Barry Siegel

Letters to the Editor
Ward was doubly correct; Julian says thanks; Maria does too; Bill is in Pakistan

Local News
Cold Spring School bond issue to be voted on in February; Hahn Hall now under construction at Music Academy

Independent School Night
Crane School backs 20th annual “Independent School Night” at DoubleTree

Betty DeGeneres at the Biltmore and Matt McAllister sips cocktails in a secret garden

Ernie’s World
Mr. Witham is tuned in to a piano in the bedroom, though not necessarily turned on

Montecito Sportsman
So, why do grown men with large guns shoot those cute little mourning doves? Dr. Burk explains.

Our Town
New school year of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and Cold Spring School featured

Your Westmont
America’s “ethics guru,” author David Batstone, a Westmont alumnus, revisits alma mater

On the Beat
Solvang is about to have a Jazz Festival, thanks to Stix Hooper and Ron Colone

On Stage
Behind those oh-so-neat homes are sometimes very messy lives, suggests playwright Sarah Ruhl

On Entertainment
More on that Solvang Jazz Festival, but more importantly, “Once” to be screened on UCSB campus

World of Wine
Dr. Willis falls afoul of DARE program, tries to explain to fifth-graders that a little vino is okay

James & Stevie are brother and sister and they’d like to find a home together; with you, perhaps?

Wine Mavens of Montecito

Vol. 13 Issue 38

Hip Pocket Favorites from Montecito’s Wine Managers

It’s tempting to regard a wine list like a racing form, relying on impulse or betting the crowd favorite. Consulting the wine manager or sommelier, however, is an engaging alternative. His or her craft and care goes into creating the list, and it can be an adventure. In anticipation of the coming food and wine season, we asked several Montecito wine managers to guide us through the hidden gems on their lists, and reveal their dark-horse favorites.

Seen Around the World

Colorful India (Part II)

To me one of the most beautiful sights in India are the graceful, feminine brightly colored saris worn by the women, so graceful and feminine especially when contrasted with the barren beige landscape. The saris are Indian women’s work clothes too. We saw women carrying baskets of rocks on their...

Coming & Going

Jungle Habitat at MUS

Longtime Montecito resident Joann Rounds’s talent and travels have taken her into many environments over the years. For example, after studying Engineering Draftsmanship she found herself working for Douglas Aircraft, where she composed a series of drawings that became the nose wheel of the A26B light bomber. She has worked...

On Medicine

Stone Season Is Upon Us

Kidney stone season is in full swing in Santa Barbara. September and October are traditionally the busier months for kidney stones to create problems locally. There is no direct evidence that global warming is responsible for an increase in kidney stones, but can it be simply a coincidence that over...

Art Advisor

Istanbul: Guide Capital of the World

We stayed at the very nice Four Seasons on the Old Side. Well it should be. Very nice, that is. At $600 a night. In Istanbul. I didn't realize real estate was the same price in Istanbul as it is in midtown Manhattan. And a club sandwich was $24. The...

Book Talk

The Long Wait

Shelly says "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" by Junot Diaz is a heck of a read

August, 1996. First hardcover printing. ...