Say It Ain’t So

Welcome to Ty Warner's nightmare Mr. Caruso. I am sure Greg (Rice) and Ty are sitting back with a drink laughing with relief that their Miramar/MBAR hassles are behind them and on someone else's shoulders.

My newborn child will be graduating from high school in 17 years, maybe I can have her graduation party at the Miramar...but I won't count on it.

Jeffrey Bellamar


(Publisher’s Note: It doesn’t look good at the moment, but we believe Caruso will work with the MBAR and various neighbors in the upcoming months and revise the plans to ensure a speedy revision. Rumors aside, the hold up isn’t too problematic for the Caruso Group, and once the road is put back into the plan they should be only a couple months behind schedule. – TLB)

Miramar Beach Area Property Owners?

Who wrote the letter in the Montecito Journal signed “Miramar Beach Area Property Owners? We’ve never heard of this group. If it does exist and it represents more than one individual, have the guts to sign your own name.

In addition, please choose a name for your ‘group’ that does not appear to be a clone of our legitimate association, or are you intentionally trying to mislead the public?

The Miramar Beach Homeowners Association has been incorporated in the State of California since 1978. Our association represents all of the beachfront homeowners from Eucalyptus eastward to the western boundary of the Miramar Hotel.

Our association supports the plan that the Caruso Group has proposed for rebuilding the Miramar Hotel and is not afraid to stand up and say so.


Greg Huglin


Miramar Beach Homeowners Association

(Publisher’s Note: The letter was sent by a Santa Barbara attorney; he claims to represent “more than one” nearby neighbor of the project – TLB)

Housing Horrors

Thank you Kim (Seefeld) for keeping us informed about the housing fraud. What does it take for the county to get it together? It's unbelievable that they just ignore the problem. So sad that those who should be getting this housing, are not. And what's with not even knowing how many illegals are here? How can anyone plan for schools etc. I'd have a hard time making dinner if I didn't know how many people were going to show up. It's unbelievable. What can we do?

M Field

(Publisher’s Note: The guessing around here is that so many county employees and their friends, relatives, and acquaintances are involved in this scam that higher-ups have chosen to ignore the problem entirely, hoping it will go away before public exposure takes place, but that’s just a guess. Nothing else, however, makes sense and your instincts are correct: if the county is being defrauded, wouldn’t they want to know by whom? Unless, of course, to paraphrase Pogo, “They have met the enemy and the enemy is them.” – TLB)

Many Thanks

Thank you very much for including me in the "Montecito Diary" ( and with such generous words. [My meteor-viewing flight] was a great success and people will be analyzing the results for several months and using them for years.

All very good wishes from me and my all-time-favorite all-American-girl.

Julian Nott

Santa Barbara

Creativity Can Conquer Costs

Many groups and individuals have come together recently to discuss the very pressing problem of increasing traffic congestion along Highway 101. Unfortunately, many of the ideas to correct the problem involve spending a lot of money. For the last few years I have been pondering ways to reduce traffic and have come up with ten ways that for the most part cost relatively little or nothing with the exception of the monorail idea. Most of my ideas were born out of my belief that creativity can conquer cost.

I put on the top of my list the need to eliminate teen drivers. I do not suggest this flippantly, but rather by looking at some very grim statistics, which indicate that teens ages 16-18 are responsible for the majority of vehicular collisions (of all age groups), both nationally and statewide. Teen deaths by accidents are double all other causes of teen deaths. In addition to this statistic, studies have shown that the teenage brain is underdeveloped; the frontal lobes, or the "executive center" of the brain, "may not mature until a person is 25 or beyond," according to UCLA physiologist Elizabeth Sowell.

This under-development of the brain is why teenagers lack good driving judgment: add a cell phone, a hot latte, a cigarette, a few friends in the car, and watch out! Your son or daughter, sister or brother, niece or nephew may easily be the next teen to be injured or killed, not to mention those friends driving with them or those in the other car. The sad truth is it is the parents who are responsible for allowing their immature teen to drive, putting them in harm's way and risking the child's life and limb along with others on our roads and highways. And why? Mainly because many parents are often tired of the burden of driving their teenage children around. I suggest that they drive their teens around a few more years, unless perhaps they want the hearse driver to do it for them.


Santa Barbara

(Publisher’s note: Why didn’t you include the other nine ways? – TLB)

Save Me From California Democrats

I came from Kennebunkport to D.C. and have been standing outside the White House with a sign reading “Mr. President please save me from California Democrats.” The media here seem uninterested in knowing the details of the 49-page letter explaining what I am requesting. They are too preoccupied covering only negativity toward the President; they must be democrats; oh well. I have been questioned by the men in black twice and both times they have taken a copy of my 49-page letter; next time I will demand printing fees.

Later, Lazarus


(Publisher’s Note: For those who don’t know Lazarus, he was a beggar (he preferred beggar to homeless) on Coast Village Road for many years. He has since left and is currently traveling around the U.S, Mexico and Canada. As for the statement about Democrats, he once voiced to me via a phone call that promises made by Democrats to help the homeless were never filled. In essence, he felt betrayed by the party he thought would protect and help his situation. – TLB)

Dear Ward Connerly,

Many conservatives have been un-invited from speaking on college campuses or have been heckled by students and faculty alike when they have appeared on campus. An accessible compilation of such events would make the one-sidedness of these occurrences obvious, perhaps even in the mind (heart) of a liberal.

Submitted via

(Publisher’s note: We shall pass this on to Mr. Connerly for action – TLB)

Obama and I

My family and I really enjoyed the Montecito Journal Obama cover (MJ #13/36). Just fantastic.

I always knew, but it is now confirmed that everyone reads the Montecito Journal. It is incredible how many people have asked me about Obama.

Are you going to put the issue on line?

Thank you,

Terrence Ladd


(Publisher’s Note: Thanks Terrence! As for the internet, we have decided in order to be fair to our advertisers, we will publish online a week following the release of the printed version. – TLB)