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Also Inside This Issue

Event Season just kind of snuck up on us and we were unprepared; we’ll get back to politics as usual next issue, promise

Letters to the Editor
Ty and Greg likely yukking it up says Jeff; say, who are those guys? wonders Greg Huglin; M Field thanks Kim for affordable housing expose; Wendy suggests driving teens off the road; Lazarus is in Washington D.C., and Terrence says “Thanks” for the Obama cover.

Local News
Santa Barbara County Public Works builds a bridge over peaceful waters on Santa Rosa Lane

Your Westmont
Alex Nizet finds way back to Montecito, signs on as Westmont director of athletic development; Saticoy site for 24th annual Warrior Sports Associates Golf Classic; Miller and Roberts enshrined in Hall of Fame

Montecito Association Update
There’s progress up on them thar hills, says M.A. President Palladini; Association takes no position on Miramar… yet; not too late to qualify as M.A. director

Ward Connerly
One reason the cost of higher education continues to escalate, says Ward, is lack of fiscal oversight, but there are other reasons too

Our Town
New students, new teachers, new buildings, new programs at Montecito schools

The Way It Was
Readers have always complained about conditions in letters to the editor; that’s the reason they’re printed

Your Estate
Hey, it’s Christmas in August, says Bartick; IRS lifts limits on IRA conversions beginning in 2010

n.o.t.e.s. from downtown
Alexander joins the Nielsen Family, gets all gushy about it until spying Lora’s entries

Eye on Santa Barbara
Junipero Serra Hall was designed by the same man than designed Montecito’s Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

On Stage
James O’Neill strikes a Delicate Balance as he wraps up the 2006-’07 season at the Rubicon Theater in Ventura

On the Beat
Lanny Sherwin arrives at Jensen Guitar, as will Rich Phillips, whose debut CD was produced by Montecito’s Kenny Edwards

Book Talk
“Huckleberry Finn” was America’s first classic novel, but in the crime genre, that position goes to James M. Cain

Love at the Lobero

Vol. 13 Issue 37

Show Business

It could be the water or perhaps just an unexpected planetary alignment, but for some cosmic reason two of the most talented comic performers of the last half of the twentieth century – John Cleese and Carol Burnett – now reside in Montecito. Even more cosmically significant is that the duo is set to perform a one-night-only public event together on Saturday November 10.

Seen Around the World

Our Passage To India

Our passage to incredible India–a land of marble verandahs, scalloped arches, onion domes and extreme contrasts–started at the Gateway to Mumbai (Bombay), where we stayed across the street at the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower not to be confused with the real Taj Mahal in Agra. The Gate was constructed...

Miramar Update

Still Committed, Still On Track

Rick Caruso takes up the Miramar cause and states clearly he’s still committed and the project is still on track

(Mr. Caruso is CEO of Caruso Affiliated, owners of the Miramar property)...

Coming & Going

Laurel Phillips: Montecito’s Native-Born Doula

American Professor Betty Bender once said, “Anything I've ever done that ultimately was worthwhile...initially scared me to death.” Although Laurel Phillips, wife of musician Glen Phillips, was never “scared to death” about her goal to become a midwife, she likely harbored doubts about her ability to inspire expectant mothers to...

Classical Corner

The Camerata Pacifica Experience

Camerata Pacifica’s new season already underway with new team player Shawn O’Docharty

Irish pianist Barry Douglas came to town last Saturday night as special repeat guest at Camerata Pacifica’s season-opening concert. ...

World of Wine

Montecito-Nurtured Winemaker Chris Whitcraft

While searching the Internet for one-of-a-kind, top-rated California wines of the past 20 years, I came upon a 1995 Whitcraft Petite Sirah that was highly rated in Wine Spectator. I’d never known Chris Whitcraft to make that wine varietal, but I knew his formative years as a winemaker were spent...