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Also Inside This Issue

Coast Village finally getting its coat of slurry seal; it’s back to the drawing boards for Caruso Affiliated and its Miramar plans and maybe that’s a good thing; lost a dog? Karen may have it

Letters to the Editor
Miramar neighbors defend their position; Christina says all you Johnny-come-latelys just quit whining; stomping squirrels not a humane answer to over-population, advises Ms Remorenko; c’mon, give us our beach back, says CC

Local News
Richard Gunner’s “Pharmacy” plan continues to impress; this time it’s the MBAR

Purely Political
Rudy to make a return appearance in Montecito; Col. Mc Ginley back from Iraq

Private Property Report
Kim says Board of Supervisors needs to obey the law when it comes to prosecuting abusers of the affordable housing program

State Street Spin
Erin’s getting ready for the Santa Barbara Book & Author Festival; Peacock poppycock plaguing Pamela

Trail Talk
SB City & County Multi-Jurisdictional Trails Task Force ignored the issue of trail safety, says Lynn

Ernie’s World
Need some help? You can always count on Ernie… fwap fwap fwap fwap… ow ow ow ow…

The Way it Was
La Casa de Maria has been treating souls for more than fifty years

Hula is just another happy, handsome, Catahoula leopard dog, and you could bring her home

Your Westmont
The Westmont College Cross Country Team is looking for a four-bagger at this year’s 27th annual meet; Ed Inks and his garden of art; sound on campus Friday evening, September 14

Book Talk
When it comes to short stories, these folks are second to none, including Montecito’s own T.C. Boyle

South Coasting
Lucinda Williams gets halfway home before stopping concert at El Rey Theater, but that was a good thing

On the Beat
Maria Muldaur’s Midnight at the Oasis becomes an evening at Earl Warren Showgrounds

Oprah's Obama Affair

Vol. 13 Issue 36

Oxygen (O2) in Montecito

We were among the first to arrive by motor coach and to be dropped off at Oprah’s estate around 3 pm Saturday, September 8, after a short security check-in at Earl Warren Showgrounds. A small brass band serenaded us as the gates slowly opened wide to greet us and then gently closed behind us to prepare for the next group. As we began our short walk along the well-groomed dirt pathway that led to a forested area and then “the meadow,” waiters and waitresses in crisp white aprons offered us our choice of red or white wine, sparkling water, or "electric (vodka-spiked) lemonade" on silver platters. Clearly this setting was a classy use of contrast, combining raw nature and refined elegance, with many more surprises just up ahead.

Seen Around Town

Those Lazy, Hazy, Dog Days of Summer

SBKC celebrates Dog Days of Summer; Habitat for Humanity says “mi casitas e su casitas”

Santa Barbara Kennel Club (SBKC) recently hosted a three-day show with over 1600 dogs, along with their owners, handlers, trainers and judges for a grand doggie “do” at Earl Warren Showground. There was a lot of barking going on with 170 breeds represented. ...

Coming & Going

Lunch with Betty at the Biltmore

One could argue that Betty DeGeneres has led a charmed life already. Not only is she an author, speaker, speech pathologist, and mother to one of the most famous women in the world, Ellen DeGeneres, but also on top of all that she has played video games with her idol,...

Wealth Strategies

Housing Savior? The Fed & The White House To The Rescue

On August 31st, the White House announced plans to help homeowners facing foreclosure. The President’s move occurred on the heels of the Federal Reserve’s action to lower the discount rate and provide billions of dollars of liquidity to the banking and loan system. Though these actions should have little to...

Classical Corner

Helen Callus’s Violin-Free Zone

Standing up to violins is no mean feat, but Helen Callus takes them on with her viola

For the opening concert of the Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra’s 2007-08 season, the viola will not be playing (if you’ll pardon the expression) second fiddle to other string section members, such as the more robust violin. In fact, there won’t be any violins at all. ...

World of Wine

The Story of “O”

While in the Liquor & Wine Grotto on Coast Village Road this week I had my first “O” experience. In a line of beautifully arranged Riedel crystal wine glasses shaped to best reflect light was a stubby oval glass with no stem. It seemed as out of place as a...