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Also Inside This Issue

Letters to the Editor
Peace prevails by placing power poles underground on Olive Mill Lane; “Aaah,” Christina says, “take me back to the good old Montecito Market”; Ms Baker-Hall thanks Ty Warner for vision and good taste; Mr. Macker proposes a little bias management therapy for Mr. Bartick

Community Calendar
MBAR hot spot is 2 pm, September 10, for both Richard Gunner and Rick Caruso; big DAWG sale Sunday, September 16, and still some seats left at Rudy Giuliani Biltmore Luncheon, September 27

Your Westmont
Dr. Sommermann leads telescope team on campus; Campus Master Plan delayed

Coup De Grace
Ms Rachow ponders what men really, really, want, then starts rowing

Ward Connerly
College campuses are among the most restrictive environments in the U.S., says Ward promoting an academic “fairness doctrine”

Our Town
Yeah, like, the moon just like disappeared, man; there’s a new track at MUS!

On the Beat
Ian Bernard and pals converge on Soho; so does Tripdavon, then Kimberly Ford, Blame Sally, and Cindy Lee Berryhill; Lucinda Williams in L.A.

On Film
It’s unanimous: “3:10 to Yuma” is likely to be a great big huge smash hit (and it may even be a good movie too); They’re talkin’ movies at the Schott Center

Calendar of Events
Pump Boys’ last weekend; “Urinetown” arrives; Sheriff Brown gets roasted; the great Buddy Miles at Soho

Book Talk
The translator is a traitor, at least that’s what the Italians say as Sir Gawain gets another interpretation; Paul Portuges gets his poetic due

World of Wine
So what if some of the best wines in the world are made in California? Judy’s off to Alaska and Hawaii anyway

Classified Advertising
If you’re looking for it in Montecito, this is the place to look

Montecito Round-Up

Vol. 13 Issue 35

Gordy in Switzerland

Gordon (“Gordy”) Hardey, manager of Jeannine’s on Coast Village Road and upper State Street is off to Switzerland … for a year … to study… cooking … at a culinary institute near Lake Lucerne! Which may come as a surprise to regular customers who have only seen Gordy frantically busing tables, changing specials, running the cash register, training new employees, taking out the garbage, and whatever else an owner-manager of a busy popular eatery would do. That he is in Switzerland, however, would come as no surprise to anyone that knows Gordy’s background and/or history.



"In March of this year we unveiled our proposed plan for the “new” Miramar Beach Resort and Bungalows based on community input received to that point. Since that time, we have been working closely with the Montecito community and County officials to further refine the plan, ensuring that the...

Seen Around Town

Pirates of the Channel Islands

“Ahoy mateys” rang out as we were welcomed to a wild fundraiser for the animals of the Santa Barbara Zoo–Zoofari Ball XXII. All sorts of pirates and wenches entered the gates to start the evening, not “walking the plank” but with a Plank Walker compliments of Tommy Bahama Rum....

The Way It Was

Mountain Drive and Mr. Ferl

“The Mountain Drive is said by many travelers to be one of the grandest and most charming drives in this or any other country,” wrote E. M. Heath in his “Guide to Rides and Drives in Santa Barbara and Vicinity,” in 1904. “Many say it excels the world-famous drives...

Real Estate View

The August Montecito Heat Index

The Montecito Heat Index measures the intensity of buyer demand for Montecito homes within five price sectors. The formula is: Pending Sales (homes under contract yet not closed) divided by Active Listings (homes offered for sale yet not under contract) X 100. And since the market fluctuates seasonally, if not...

Coming & Going

Climbing Mt. Whitney

Melissa Marsted, Montecito resident and mother of two young children, was able to check off an item from her “1,000 Things To Do Before I Die” list. She, along with several other Montecito residents hiked up Mt. Whitney on August 21st. Among those that joined Ms Marsted on the hike...

On Sports

High-Goal Season Ends

The hotshot polo superstars from Argentina and beyond have come and gone. No more “Bend It Like Beckham” high arcing shots through the goalposts from 150 yards away by Paco De Narvaez, or games where nine-goal rated players like Gonzolo Pieres, Jr., score at least as many points as his...