Rare Foliage Stolen from Lilac Drive Residence

Monday, August 20 – Deputy Roberts was called to a Lilac Drive residence when the owner of the property discovered that many of his plants were missing. Prior to the incident, the owner of the house was having a portion of his property landscaped with rare and expensive plants. Neither the owner nor the landscaper noticed the foliage missing until the men spotted holes in the property where the plants had been.

Because only rare plants were stolen, the owner is convinced that, “the thieves knew what they were doing.” According to the owner, over $1,000 worth of plants were stolen.

Suspicious Man Evades Deputies on Coast Village Road

Wednesday, August 22 – During a routine late-night patrol of Coast Village and Hot Springs Road area, Deputy Roberts came across a strange male roaming the area. From the patrol car, Roberts noticed the male was profusely sweating and when he contacted the individual, the male’s eyes were dilated and couldn’t focus.

Roberts proceeded to question the man about where he was headed and the male evaded his questions. Roberts feared that the man might grow agitated or violent due to the questioning so he performed a pat down for weapons. During this action, the male struggled free, ran across two lanes of traffic on Coast Village Road, and proceeded to extract something from his pocket and throw it close to the 101 Highway.

Roberts cornered the male and continued to “drive stun” him with a Taser due to his lack of cooperation. Later in questioning, the male admitted to using marijuana and alcohol earlier that day. The object that he had thrown has not been retrieved; he was booked into Santa Barbara County Jail.

Woman Robs Man on Second Date

Thursday, August 23 – A man reported a woman had stolen $2,000 from him after their mutual date that evening. The victim told Deputy J. DeOrnellas that earlier that evening he had taken the woman to a Montecito Restaurant for their second date. After dinner, both the victim and woman decided to make margaritas so they went to a liquor store. Once at the store, a clerk complimented the woman, and the victim replied, “I can do better than that.” Because of the victim’s response, his date became angry and they continued to fight on the way back to his residence. The victim claimed that once at his home, the woman became so enraged that she threatened to call the police and tell them he had hit her if he didn’t give her $2,000; which he then gave her.

Deputy DeOrnellas tracked down the woman who had been the victim’s date and she told her side of the story. Once finished, the woman requested to contact the victim through the phone and was able to resolve the conflict. The victim claimed he had made a verbal agreement with the woman. The victim made her promise that she would return at least $1,600 of the money she had taken but that she could keep $400 for a Botox injection.

Fight between Two Men Leads to One Arrest

Friday, August 24 – While driving down San Leandro Lane, Deputy J. DeOrnellas noticed two males fighting on a private property. When he intervened he was told that one of the men had been incessantly knocking on the other man’s door and was looking for a person who did not live there. The subject who was causing the trouble smelled strongly of liquor and was causing a disturbance. Due to these factors, DeOrnellas deemed the male unable to care for himself and a possible danger and arrested him.