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Also Inside This Issue

Letters to the Editor
Gore is no Chicken Little Says Ms Broudy; the sky really is falling! CB&TL and Starbucks are just two birds with the same feathers, says reader; more on CVC parking, and Alyce and John thank Kirby from Gainey

Community Calendar
Last chance for Tuesdays @ 8; Pony Expresso rides into Molly Barbey, Polo revs it up a few chukkers, Sherlock at Montecito Library; more

Your Westmont
Cardboard boats and water rockets featured at Discovery Camp, and Inoculum leaves for Yosemite

Music Academy Update
Last week of what Libowitz guesses may have been the best season ever

Ward Connerly
Unlike many vocal war critics, Ward says he hasn’t been receiving daily briefings from the CIA or DOD

Our Town
A Community of Churches in Montecito fills backpacks for over 800 school kids

Purely Political
How can we trust NOAA temperature readings when they are stationed on rooftops?

Coup de Grace
Poet Laureate Ted Kooser comes to town and Ms Rachow is his chauffeur

In Business
Now, Lettuce B. Frank; are these the best hot dogs you ever tasted, or what?

Focus on Film
Filmmaker Forbes had us all ready to hie to UCSB and view his “In The Wilderness of Zaidon”

Music Academy Chamberfest
Students and teachers together, mostly for the first time as performers all, at the Lobero

Calendar of Events
Pump Boys at the Bar B, Edwin Drood at Marjorie Luke, Bobby Caldwell at the Lobero, Stray Cats and The Pretenders at the Bowl, and Razzle Dazzle Dancers at Timbers stand out

A trio of celebrated American authors – William Faulkner, John Steinbeck, and Mark Twain

World of Wine
Listen up, all you winos! Take those shoes off; your socks too; okay, in the barrel; now stomp those feet

Classified Advertising

Painting Del Herrero

Vol. 13 Issue 31

Canvases For Casa del Herrero

Casa del Herrero, designed and built in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, is the celebrated result of the collaboration between Montecito’s favorite son, architect George Washington Smith, and another George: George Steedman, a St. Louis businessman who moved to Montecito after visiting his diabetic brother at the Sansum Clinic. Steedman and Smith created a series of 205 drawings covering the smallest details of the construction of the fine home on East Valley Road that Steedman moved into the very day of the Santa Barbara earthquake (June 29, 1925). The house wasn’t quite completed, but it was undamaged by the quake. The estate was dubbed “Casa del Herrero” (home of the blacksmith), and while Steedman was no blacksmith, he could fabricate metal parts – he and his brothers owned the Curtis Manufacturing Company – and his workshop and all its tools remains a prized feature of Casa del Herrero to this day.


Not Time To Panic, But Time To Prepare

The Zaca Fire, which has already devoured over 70,000 acres of mostly remote woodland, continues to move north… and east. Montecito is southeast of the fire, but it won’t take much to put this village in the fire’s path – a good Santa Ana or sundowner could do the trick....

Montecito Diary

Through The Eyes Of A Survivor

Her Navajo name translates to “Woman who asks too many questions,” but Colette Waddell asked just enough questions of Holocaust survivor Nina Morecki to craft a gripping tale of Holocaust survival, thoroughly told. Colette is neither Jewish nor Navajo, but the author of “Through The Eyes Of A Survivor” –...

Seen Around Town

A Dream Comes True

Hearts Adaptive Riding Center just had a dream come true – a new Learning Center. Mayor Marty Blum was there for the Open House and to cut the inaugural ribbon. She informed the audience, “These scissors really do cut,” but it took two tries to work. The dilapidated old office...


A Van For Becky

Miguel stays positive in spite of his debilitating E.B. and arranges to buy a van for mom, Becky

When given an opportunity to fulfill a desire, Miguel Garcia, a 17-year-old San Marcos High School student born in Santa Barbara with a rare skin disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa (E.B., for short), selected a van for his mother rather than anything for himself. ...

Real Estate View

The Shape Of Things To Come

Montecito real estate has held up better than virtually all other areas over the past twelve to twenty-four months. One might surmise it has done so because of its desirability and inherent value (climate, semi-rural ambience, good schools, etc.) and certainly there is some truth to that. But the main...