Overheard in London Airport.

I was at a salad and sandwich cafe at Heathrow waiting for my next flight. A forty-something blonde sits next to me and is eating her burger when the cell phone rings. She pulls it out of her purse and answers familiarly, “Yep, I’m on my way – just here waiting for my flight….yep, yep…..well I think the most important thing I can tell you is to keep the heat shield attached to the Space Shuttle. Mmm, okay yeah yah…. just make sure the heat shield stays on the Space Shuttle. Talk to you later.”

(Turns out she was a rocket scientist and actually worked for the European Space Agency).

Goodbye To Jack Morehart

Larger-than-life Jack Morehart passed away recently. He was notable for his holdings (Dos Pueblos Ranch and Naples), his household (9 children, 14 grandchildren), and his holy faith (devoted parishioner of Our Lady of Mount Carmel), his horses (a member of Rancheros Visitadores for a half century), and his humor.

Jack was a character full of fun, smiles, and stories, while pursuing everything in life with passion, whether business, hobbies, tall tales, or other adventures.

At Morehart’s (enormous) funeral, his son Mitch reminisced, “Throughout my whole life, there was this sort of theme that carried on. It consisted of just two words, then a story, and then a proclamation for sainthood.

“That’s how it has always been …those two words, a story, followed by a proclamation for sainthood.

“And it goes like this. People are forever coming up to me and they start the conversation by saying ‘Your dad…’ Those two words - “Your dad…!” Then they will proceed to tell me some fantastic story or anecdote about him and one of his pranks or adventures.

“This story is always concluded by the sentiment ….’your mother must be a saint!’”

Jack Morehart always declared himself to be the luckiest man alive — and his wife of 63 years, Frances, as one of the main reasons.

Amen…God speed and God bless Mr. Morehart.

Celebrity Green Card

The latest Celebrity Green Card has been issued to Victoria Jackson… the makeup mogul. Whatever Lola want, she may be getting. She bought a house in the Carpinteria area and is decking it out as we speak.

Fiesta Family debuts Saint Barbara

Thea Vandervoort has been selected by the Native Daughters of the Golden West (Reina del Mar parlor) to portray Saint Barbara for this year. She starts off her duties by portraying the community’s patron saint at Fiesta activities.

Thea should be well ramped up for the role. Her mother, Diana Vandervoort, portrayed the saint in 1968, and her grandmother, Dorothy Poole Russell, served as the saint in 1938. Moreover (we’re on a roll here), Thea’s grandfather, Bill Russell, was El Presidente in 1969, and her maternal great-grandparents started the Old Spanish Days courthouse show Noches de Ronda.

Interestingly, Santa Barbara is the only California city that I know of that has someone portray their saintly namesake in public pageants. This goes way back to 1891 when Delfina de la Guerra was the first to portray Barbara in a civic celebration – a kermiss that I believe tied in with our Floral Festivals.