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Also Inside This Issue

Letters to the Editor
Don’t knock “the same old faces”; they’re the mugs that make things happen; open up those Montecito parking spots, says construction worker

Music Academy Update
One more week to go! MAW fully staged “La Boheme” at the Lobero; Gilles Apap at First Presbyterian; Canadian Brass at Lobero; last chance to witness Marilyn Horne’s master class at Abranavel Hall, and Tuesdays @ 8 at Lobero

Montecito Association Update
More on the MA’s Guide To Building And Remodeling; construction parking taking its toll; the survey says…

Trail Talk
NY’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and the armored horse floored Lynn; upcoming events include Fiesta Stock Horse Show, El Desfile Historico parade, hikes galore, and Santa Ynez dressage clinic

Your Westmont
A safer way to school along Cold Spring Road; Bravissimo! is bravo!

Ernie’s World
Witham reveals the ins and outs, ups and downs, of a day at Magic Mountain

Calendar of Events
Pump Boys and Dinettes at Circle Bar B; Kiss Me Kate in Solvang; fluttering by at Natural History Museum; viva la Fiesta! and surf guitarist of legend Dick Dale at UCSB

Renegade fiddler Gilles Apap leads Music Academy Chamber Orchestra; leads students astray

World of Wine
Dr. Willis looks over Sunken Gardens with glass of wine in one hand and tape recorder in the other

Classified Advertising
The rentals! The ‘for sale’ items! The business opportunities! The humanity! Looking for something in Montecito? Check our classifieds first.

Vanity has trusting eyes, attentive ears, and a little kitty named “Promise”; ResqCats on lookout for volunteers

Taking the First Step

Vol. 13 Issue 30

The Miramar Moves On

Nearly two-dozen speakers spoke in support of the new Miramar project put forward and presented to the Montecito Board of Architectural Review by Caruso Affiliated on Monday, July 30. Among those that came out to hear the details of L.A. developer Rick Caruso’s plan to rebuild and rejuvenate the historic beachfront hotel included a bevy of high-profile Montecito residents, including Brad Hall, his wife, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Christopher Lloyd, Ivan Reitman, Sally Jordan, Alyce Faye Cleese, Nina Terzian, Mollie Ahlstrand, and others.

Seen Around Town

La Fiesta Del Museo

About 300 fiesteros converged on the Santa Barbara Historical Museum to enjoy the flavor of Fiesta early in the beautifully restored Spanish-style courtyard. It was alive with color. The tablecloths were in all the primary colors of a box of crayons – red, yellow, green, and blue centered with Mexican...

State Street Spin

Overheard in London Airport.

I was at a salad and sandwich cafe at Heathrow waiting for my next flight. A forty-something blonde sits next to me and is eating her burger when the cell phone rings. She pulls it out of her purse and answers familiarly, “Yep, I’m on my way – just here...

Real Estate View

More “Montecito Heat”

The 2007 Montecito home market remains in the confident grip of sellers. Through July 30, 22% more homes sold than last year, and the median sales price rose to $2,850,250, an 11% increase. And although it took buyers sixteen days longer to make a choice, $445,906,141 was paid to sellers,...

The Way it Was

Auto Mania: Touring and Camping

By the early part of the 20th century, Americans were putting their horses out to pasture and hitting the open road in their shiny automobiles. In 1909, a Mrs. Ramsey and three female companions rolled into Santa Barbara after a 4,800-mile road trip from Hackensack, New Jersey. She became the...

Book Talk

Two More for the Road

Marisha Pessl is the talk of New York; now, thanks to Shelly, she’s the talk of Montecito too

But you already knew. ...