Flat-screen TVs Pass Purloined

Monday, July 16 – A man found two flat-screen televisions were missing from his residence. The house, where the televisions were kept, is under construction and as many as 30 employees visit the grounds. At least eight persons have access to the keys.

The owner first noticed his 50” Panasonic LCD TV valued at $1800 missing from the living room and later added the loss of a 50” flat-screen TV valued at $800 missing from his bedroom. The Superintendent of the house’s construction project claimed that he and another worker had moved the LCD TV from the living room into the bedroom due to on-going construction work. He also stated that the door had been closed the last time he had ventured into the bedroom and never saw the door open.

Internet Credit Card Fraud

Monday, July 16 – Deputy R. Baisa was called to an Oak Road residence when a woman reported fraudulent charges had been placed on her credit card. The card, which was shared by the woman and her husband, was only used for Internet transactions and the owners had noticed 10 unauthorized purchases on their account even though the card still remained in their possession.

The charges placed on the card totaled $246.56 and was used to buy items on eBay, Cox auto trader, and skype.com.

Apple Computer Stolen from Parked Car

Tuesday, July 17 – A businessman who works in an office near the Montecito Village parking lot, contacted authorities when he discovered that his $1600 Apple Laptop had been stolen. The man said all of his items were in their place in his rental vehicle at 5:30 pm and saw the computer was missing at 11 pm. Though the he could not remember whether his vehicle was locked, the man claimed the windows were rolled up and the computer was in plain view.

Transient Arrested During Early Morning “Walk”

Friday, July 20 – Upon returning to his patrol car at 4:45 am with two other deputies, Deputy Harris spotted an unknown woman walking towards the beach, east of East Beach with a flashlight. The woman claimed she was just walking, but due to her rapid speech and fidgety movements, deputies assumed she might be under the influence of a controlled substance.

When questioned on these suspicions, the woman claimed her actions were due to her Seroquel medication for anxiety. Because the men could not obtain a urine sample for a drug test, which the lady had agreed to, they arrested her.

Deputies found a narcotics pipe, knife, hypodermic needle, vial of clear unknown liquid, and lighters amongst her possessions.