Mish Lotus Blossom Brooch Auctioned Off

Mish Tworkowski, owner of Mish New York, has designed a special 18k-yellow-and-rose-gold-with-diamonds lotus blossom brooch for Lotusland. Mish, an avid gardener, is an admirer of Madame Ganna Walska’s 37-acre Montecito estate and has become a major supporter of the world-renowned gardens. Mish, who began designing jewelry as a child, includes Oprah Winfrey, Arlene Montesano, and many other high-profile Montecito residents on his client list. He held a showing of his jewelry at Lucky’s recently as a benefit for Lotusland, and for three years running has donated a piece of jewelry to the garden for its annual fundraiser.

The brooch is unique, in that it has been specifically designed for Lotusland and features a hidden compartment that currently holds a removable Peridot stone, but is meant to house any secret treasure.

The brooch was gaveled down on July 22nd at the “Lotusland Celebrates” fundraiser for $60,000 (!) and all the proceeds of the sale go directly to the garden. The brooch is inscribed “Lotusland 2007 No.1,” and Mish has offered to donate a portion of the sales of any additional Lotus Brooches that are ordered after the event.

Mish, a onetime employee of Sotheby’s, apparently prides himself on designing jewelry with a personal touch, admitting that he prefers “dealing directly with customers.” If you are interested in purchasing a Lotus brooch, please call Mish New York at 212-734-3500.

Cold Spring Junior Marketers

Industrialist A. Alfred Taubman (who knew something about marketing: he was convicted of heading up a price-fixing cabal when he owned Sotheby’s) had this to say about marketing: “There is more similarity in the marketing challenge of selling a precious painting by Degas and a frosted mug of root beer than you ever thought possible.”

Although neither Degas nor root beer are on their list, don’t be surprised to see a group of young entrepreneurs hitting the streets of Montecito this summer. Some Cold Spring School students entering 5th and/or 6th grade are spending part of their summer vacation not only helping their school, but also helping themselves in the process. These kids will be spending time in the Junior Marketing program at Cold Spring, a parent-club fundraiser that traditionally brings in between $3,000 to $4,000.

Parent Club money goes directly to student activities, classroom enhancement, and playground improvements. In addition, the student earns 10% of the money raised from ads they sell to repeat businesses and 15% for any new businesses. “Junior Marketing builds self-confidence and marketing skills”, says Luann Caesar who is heading up the program this year. “Students approach businesses that may be interested in having their ad in our school directory. We will be running the program through the first week of August.”

Lauren Wolf, an incoming Cold Spring School 6th-grader in her second year doing the program, had this to say about the experience: “I have loved being a part of Junior Marketing. It has been a great experience for me because it has improved my communication skills while raising money for my school.”

In addition to Lauren, other kids participating in the program this year include Olivia Caesar, Hannah Craig, Wyatt Hagen, Maddy Marquis.

For information on placing an ad in the Cold Spring School Directory, please email luanncaesar@cox.net

Beach Tennis in Santa Barbara

Beach Tennis USA wrapped up its SoCal Points Series this weekend in Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara Blast produced some exciting beach tennis action, as both veterans and newcomers to the hybrid sport competed in the daylong event.

The Men’s Pro division featured a major upset, as SoCal Points Series leaders Ken Kuperstein and Mike Fedderly (both of Palm Desert), were defeated by Derek Bauer (Marina del Ray) and Phillipe Rodrigue (Studio City) 8-4. Both Bauer and Rodrigue had competed separately in prior tour events, but have now teamed up to become a major force on Beach Tennis USA’s 2007 National Tour. The winning team took a dip in the ocean after their victory to celebrate.

In the Women’s Pro division, the sister team of Laura and Lisa Maloney (San Diego), having lost at the Santa Monica Madness in June, were determined to come out on top. The sisters faced beach tennis newcomers Page Bartlet and Amelia Escalante, winning 8-5, and guaranteeing them a spot in the 2007 National Beach Tennis Championships.

Beach tennis is gaining ground with novices such as tennis great Andre Agassi, who was seen playing the sport in San Diego while vacationing there with his family. His wife Steffi Graf chose to stick to the hard surface, trading volleys on a tennis court later on with beach tennis player Tiffany Worst.

The conclusion of the SoCal Points Series took place in Long Beach on July 21 and 22, with the SoCal Series Slam.

For more information please visit www.beachtennisusa.net