Where Have All the Parking Spots Gone?

Over the past few months, it has become difficult to find a parking spot on both Coast Village Road and Coast Village Circle. Although the summer months usually add a few more cars to the normal mix, this summer season parking has been horrendous. Typically, employees working in and around Coast Village Road park on Coast Village Circle, but this year most of those spots have been claimed by construction crews, who arrive as early as 6 am.

A few local contractors have told their employees to park on Coast Village Circle where they wait to be picked up by van and shuttled to their job site. There are no time limits for spaces on Coast Village Circle, so employees can park there all day without fear of receiving a ticket or fine.

Construction workers have every right to park there, of course, but this decision to monopolize all those spaces all day every day is causing considerable congestion on Coast Village Road. Business suffers if people can’t find a place to park, and since parking is time-limited on Coast Village Road, employees that historically have used Coast Village Circle are forced to move their vehicles every 90 minutes if they find space on Coast Village Road.

We kindly ask those construction companies to discontinue the practice of having their employees park along Coast Village Circle. If the problem continues, the City will impose time restrictions or worse, permits for those spots. At that point, everyone loses, and we don’t want that. But, a little consideration is in order here. A temporary, short-term use of Coast Village Circle parking spaces seems appropriate, but as a permanent solution for a contractor’s work crew, especially if the job is away from the area, is an inconsiderate imposition. Please search for other solutions.

Quest for the Coffee Bean

For people just tuning in, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Coast Village Road recently removed local reading material from its store because, as a visiting corporate watchdog put it, Montecito Journal, Santa Barbara Independent, and other periodicals added unnecessary “clutter.”

Losing this location is especially painful to us because we’ve had our paper there since it was Tutti’s, long before Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf opened. It’s a tradition we are loathe to see terminated. Coffee Bean makes good coffee and is run by good people; contrary to our first elbow-jerk reaction, they have also been good corporate citizens. Our ongoing quest to have both papers back in their traditional location in Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf continues, and there may even be some good news on the horizon.

One of our faithful readers forwarded an email sent to him by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf after he pleaded for the re-admittance of Montecito Journal. The email reads as follows:

“Thanks so much for your feedback regarding the changes you have seen at our Montecito location. Please do know that we have received quite a bit of feedback regarding our change in policy from this store, and we are currently evaluating the options that we have. I will be sure to share your additional feedback with our Operations Department directly. Thanks again and have a great day!”

We appreciate the efforts of those who have made verbal or written suggestions to CB&TL regarding our situation, and urge you to continue. If you do miss enjoying a little Montecito Journal or Independent with your coffee or tea, we encourage you to email CB&TL at www.coffeebean.com and let them know how you feel. Thank you.

1-2-3 Step Guide to County Planning

Lots of people have different phobias: acrophobia (fear of heights, arachnophobia (fear of spiders), agoraphobia (fear of public spaces), and well, some 530 plus phobias are listed. Everyone considering building or renovating a home in Montecito, however, suffers from the same phobias: apeirophobia (a fear of infinity), macrophobia (fear of long waits), and perhaps even tropophobia (fear of moving or making changes).

They should fear no longer; the Montecito Association Board of Directors has compiled a small brochure outlining Santa Barbara County’s planning process. For people deciding to remodel, renovate, or bulldoze and build, this booklet will be a must read, especially for those who’ve never gone through the process. It should be available soon and will be given out free to the general public for the asking.

Congratulations Beverley

Montecito’s Beverley Lewis, president of Club West Track, was given the “Intergenerational Award of the Year” from the U.S. Congress (via Lois Capps), California State Assembly (Pedro Nava) and the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors (Joe Centeno) for incorporating the former Santa Barbara Youth Track Club into Club West Track. The Club now includes 5- to 97-year-old participants.